Games Like Company of Heroes 2

Here is a list of games that are similar to Company of Heroes 2.

World in Conflict

World 11

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if NATO never happened and the Soviet Union had never collapsed? You can now experience it in the most advanced strategy entertainment available. You are in a world that the Soviet Union is stronger than ever and plans to Attack the United States.

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Order of War

Order 6

Order of War is a great RTS game that will have you playing in your underwear. You are in a comfortable environment and it is so addicting that you will continue to play whenever you have a chance to. This WWII them is simple to navigate but fun to play.

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Theatre of War

Theatre 3

You can now play a highly interactive game based on World War II. There are over forty different battles that you can actually become a part of with troops from France, Germany, France, USA, UK and USSR. You can even play with up to 8 of your closest friends for a multiplayer experience.

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R.U.S.E. – The Chimera Pack

R.U.S.E. 10

There are now multiplayer as well as single gaming modes in this exciting new strategy entertainment. You can even play on a realistic environment that is in three different missions. Each one will challenge you and your skills to earn new gear, advanced weapons, and some other cool secret stuff.

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Soldiers: Heroes of World War II


World War II is a popular topic for many strategy entertainments. You can now play a real time strategy simulation in a WWII environment. You can play as a small military unit, a lone soldier, as a tank operator, and other interesting weapons and vehicles all in a third person view.

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Choose a faction and begin your adventure with the help of aliens. You can play with teleportation, weaponry, and even time travel. You can battle aliens, humans, or anything that looks at you sideways. Start with easy and simple gameplay and as you advance you will get a more complex setting.

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Supreme Ruler: Cold War


Get ready for a real challenge in Supreme Ruler. You will have a lot of territory that you have to explore as well as be the leader of a great nation. You have to choose between the Soviet Union or the United States and you will have complete control over every aspect of controlling a nation.

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Men of War: Vietnam

Men 1

If you ever wanted a strategy entertainment with a jungle theme, then you have found what you have been looking for. Men of War will take you to the jungles of Vietnam and you can experience battles in a RTS environment as well as challenge yourself to tasks that will have you playing for hours.

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Napoleon: Total War


Play as Napoleon in this strategy game that will have you fighting some of the biggest and deadliest battles in European history. You will march across different countries as well as strategies in order to defeat your enemies. You can play in several different campaign modes and practice as you go.

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Scourge of War: Gettysburg


There is now a game that is historically correct when it comes to any battles. Scourge of War brings you to one of the bloodiest battles in United States history. You will get a chance to battle in Gettysburg and do what it takes to make the battle a successful one.

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Men of War

Men of War6

Digitalmindsoft and IC Company have released The Ultimate Collection for Men of War. You have strategy entertainment that has its very own expansion packs that you can battle in. You will get several expansion packs when you begin your first adventure where you can control several soldiers as you play.

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You are now able to have a chance to see what a real time strategy game looks likes when combined with a first person shooter. You can play as a soldier or multiple soldiers as you battle in different areas. You will have missions as well as mini tasks while you play.

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RAD Soldiers

RAD Soldiers8

Journey to a cartoon like world and battle all your enemies. RAD Soldiers brings out the fun in battling. You can send your soldiers into several different skirmishes and earn rewards if you win. You can destroy any and everything that happens to be in your destructive path in this fun world.

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