Games Like Desert Operations

Here is a list of games that are similar to Desert Operations.

Command and Conquer: The Ultimate Collection

Command and Conquer5

People have loved being in this RTSG for years. It has had more than its share of attention during this time, the main reasons for all that attention has been due to  the great quality, which comes from the fantastic graphics, the options it offers, and it requires the use of good strategic gameplay.

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War Commander

War Commander1

Available on Facebook, and it’s free! Has extreme hardcore action, very entertaining, loads of fun, you’re going to definitely get the excitement you’ve  been looking for. This feature was accomplished with using a set-up that was placed at a space marine world. The developer of this Real Time Strategy Game is Kixeye.

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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II- Retribution


You have a chance to play all six sides in this RPG, without going out and buying any of the previous versions of this one. There are new maps added for your use, and included is the new Imperial Guard. The last Imperial Guard was left to struggle trying to gain control, but never did.

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Supreme Ruler: Cold War


This RTSG is full of challenges, and you will find out in a bit that it is very detailed, and you have to use some sophisticated strategies. If you have had any uncertainties and have questions about the war, this is the place to get some answers. Here you can find out about the Korean war in the 1950’s, the Arms Race, even about NATO.

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Soldiers Inc.

Soldiers Inc1

You will need to be prepared at all times because the NPC’s will be looking to challenge your developing character, as well as others waiting around the corner to give you a sneak attack. Should an opportunity arise, grab it! Because you do not want to let those rare instances of getting ahead slip away from you.

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Battle Dawn

Battle Dawn1

This is browser based, and it is free. You’re going to find that they came a long ways with technology, and advanced machinery. Now they can offer you more complex interaction, and offer you more strategic gameplay, ranging from arcades to adventures. A basic combination of a simple playing style that will consist of using more strategic measures.

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You’re going to get to see how much more can be accomplished when you combine RTS with FPS. There is so much more to get out of it this way, soon you will get to do something totally different by combining the two of these together. Mixing the two genres can be fun, exciting and very entertaining. Oh yea, it’s going to be different alright.

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Modern Conflict 2

Modern Conflict 2 3

Now you can enjoy the new enhanced version of the original Modern Conflict. This enhanced version gives you more gameplay features, it offers entirely new scenarios, new environments, all that and yet, they even added the multiplayer mode. Now, you should be ready to except the job of protecting the world from global domination.

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Company of Heroes 2

Company 10

Relic Entertainment created this as a sequel to the 2006 Company of Heroes, it was then published by Sega. The setting is World War II, along the Eastern Front. When Relic Entertainment claimed proprietary on the Essence 3.0 game engine it allowed the developers to initiate newer and more advanced technology.

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Strategic Command World War 2 Global Confict

Strategic 1

You can either download this or purchase the CD (which comes with a manual). This is a RTSG that is free to play. As you go back in time with your imagination focus on WWII and its history, you will have the ability to participate in each of the battles. You are going to enjoy this high action packed game of war.

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Order of War

Order 10

In this Real Time Strategy Game you will be looking at things through the eyes of a strategist. This is going to let you review how your decisions are effecting soldiers, and how they are effecting different sections of your army as well. Focusing on one big picture lets you understand where changes should occur.

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If you are looking to find something that’s enjoyable, and entertaining, look no further! For you are going to just love this new RTS game. You’ll be listening to the original soundtrack while you play. The graphics are brand new and great, and there has been some new factions added as well.

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Civil War 1863

Civil War 1863 1

This is going to start out by taking you back in history to the Civil War of 1863, where you will be put in the middle of it all. You are allowed to choose which side you will fight on. Then you will be helping with missions to help find success  and challenges.

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