Games Like Soldiers: Heroes of World War II

Here is a list of games that are similar to Soldiers: Heroes of World War II.

Company of Heroes 2

Company 1

As the sequel to the 2006 released and critically acclaimed, it now has new and improved features, one of them would be the addition of challenges involved, you’ll find a variety of them in this version. This sequel is living up to the reputation of the original which is being the highest rated strategy game of them all.

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Order of War

Order 13

With decent campaigns and well balanced RTS. The main part of it is the simplicity in it, simple enough to understand, yet, complex enough to keep you interested. In this you are going to play the role of a “Strategist”. Keep in mind that a Strategist isn’t at the battle sight to fight, only to observe and learn how to control the situation.

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World in Conflict

World 7

The way that the presentation is set up is great, and you will find that it has terrific gameplay throughout. You are going to be a commander in charge of advanced technology, by far, the most “Powerful” technology in the world. Global Media created this using the idea of what they felt the universal appeal was, what was wanted by gamers, and made it unique.

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Men of War

Men of War4

You will be offered some tutorial to get you started if you have never played this before. you will have full control at all times, that means you will be able to control each soldier individually. One of many main features is that it has some high end technical abilities.

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R.U.S.E. – The Chimera Pack


Gamers have the opportunity in this to go with the multiplayer mode, or they can play it in the single person mode. In this Real Time Strategy Role-Playing Game it will give you the option of playing all six sides, without ever having to go out and buy anything else.

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Theatre of War

Theatre 9

This was designed with all of you gamers in mind, 1C Company really did their homework to be able to give all of you what you have been craving for so long. The actual historical records were used in creating the layout and design graphics of this game. They were used in order to get an authentic set up of the battlefields, the missions involved.

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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II- Retribution


In the previous versions the Imperial Guard was left behind, as he was trying to take over control but seem to be struggling to do so. In this version you will be given choices, these choices must be considered wisely as they will be what determines life or death for you and others.

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EndWar Online

EndWar 12

You will have the opportunity to control not only your controllers in this RTSG but also your head set,, and with the time that has past, and new technologies, you can now use voice control in your gameplay. This sure adds to the experience you’re going to get during your exciting hours of gameplay.

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Napoleon: Total War

EndWar 9

This is a continuation of Empire Total War, and is giving you the opportunity to experience the new and improved look, and check out how it feels. Staying popular due t the boost Napoleon is giving it. The gameplay is still basically the same, only the name and who and what it is about has really changed any.

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Command and Conquer: The Ultimate Collection

Command and Conquer12

With 17 different base titles and expansions built right in you will never get bored. And imagine all the endless hours of fun. You will soon find out why gamers are saying the quality of its gameplay and the strategy options are fantastic, these are the reasons a massive number of people have made it so popular.

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Wargame: AirLand Battle

Wargame 3

This is a completely re-defined Real Time Strategy Game created by Eugen Systems and released in 2012, Having terrific gameplay that demands strategic vision, and some in depth perception. There has also been many other features added as well, solo campaigns is one of them. You can experience how realistic it has become, download today and play.

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Men of War: Vietnam

Men 7

This one takes jungle warfare higher than it’s ever been before. When it comes down to just you and four more men going up against an entire army you can feel that adrenaline rushing throughout your body. If you are looking to have your mental tolerance tested then this game is for you.

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Scourge of War: Gettysburg


You’ll find this to be original with some unique characters. It also has an in depth storyline behind it, and you will use lots of strategy during gameplay. It has great graphics, and the background music is the best, it is between, mellow and high toned. You’re going to love this intriguing Real Time Strategy Game.

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This is a new RTSG that you are going to enjoy with all its action packed, exciting, and very interesting storyline. It is downloadable, so go ahead and check it out for yourself. It has a combination of Real Time Strategy with a first person shooter and give a closer view of everything, along with being commander of the battles.

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End of Nations

End of Nations11

The new Order of Nations, known as the superpower are in town to help and to protect but that is not the case. Revolutionaries have quickly formed a group to trying put an end to this madness. this superpower isn’t doing anything for anyone but themselves. They have already taken away the people freedom rights, what will be next?

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