Games Like WarRock

Here is a list of games that are similar to WarRock.

Arma 2


On the hot list for the teenagers of today is this multiplayer first person shooter, with unique gameplay. The main thing that makes this type of game interesting is being able to play a role of someone else, and that could be the reason it is so popular with them.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Warefare3 2

It has all the things a gamer looks for in this type of genre, such as; being packed with action, a lot of great and complex challenges, fantastic features, interesting, and can keep you busy for hours of fun. Its downloadable and can be played on your PS3, Xbox, or Wii console.

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If you have ever thought about being a soldier and putting yourself in the middle of all the battles? It is a first person shooter that lets you be in the middle doing what you always wanted. Takes place in the future when the Cold War’s begin in different Nations, and aliens are coming down to earth.

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Crysis Warhead


This is a multiplayer action packed version and is sure to keep you entertained for hours of exciting and wonderful fun. It is new and improved, now having greater features to offer you.  With better performance and even a better choice of weapons for you to choose from. It has great gameplay and graphics that seem almost real.

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Gears of War: Judgment


Do you enjoy sharing a good game with your friends? Then you’ll be glad to know since the new release of this version you can enjoy the multiplayer mode. In this new version the storyline has been changed to fit in a more co-op matter. With the new release making such a good impact it has been a complete success.

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Battlefield 7

This is downloadable, which means that you have a choice of using your computer or an iPhone. It can also be played on a PS3 console, or an Xbox. And with the variety of devices available to use it gives more people the opportunity to see what it’s all about.

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Sniper Elite v2

Sniper 9

In this gameplay scenario you will have the opportunity to use your tactical strategies and show what your skills and abilities. Using all of this to your advantage gives you the upper hand in any situation. It makes it much easier and safer to be able to keep an on everything from a distance.

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Combat Arms

Combat Arms12

Created by Nexon, this Massive Multi-player Online First Person Shooter is downloadable, and you can play it free of charge. There is now several different modes in which you can choose to play in, and also a choice from many different maps to use. You also have the option to switch up your items at any point you would like during gameplay.

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Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2 11

Here it is, an opportunity to interact as a first person shooter. It is full of everything a gamer could want from a genre of this type. Packed with all sorts of army weapons and many other features that will have you in the dug outs for hours. It has enough to hold your attention all day long!

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Enemy Front

Enemy Front 5

The enemy front for those of you who didn’t already know this means those who are in the very front , let us say, it is the soldiers that meet with death first! And you  are getting the opportunity to experience this first hand, you must be excited. Download today and be there when WWII and the Enemy Front come head to head in battle.

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America’s Army 3


Created with the 3.0 engine the “Essence”, it has successfully helped to create some terrific features, it’s hard to believe how realistic the characters seem. You are going to experience some real military elements as you progress and complete each of the challenges. And with each challenge you’ll be gaining more experience.

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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

Operation 7

You will be placed right in the middle of this war without any knowledge of what you’re supposed to be doing. This is a Massive Multiplayer Online RTSG that has a modern setting and military simulations. It is very realistic and will give you hours of fun. Downloadable, and can be played on a PS3, or an Xbox.

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The recreation of this now new version has made a significant difference in the graphics, and the re-created version has somewhat a twist to it from the new update. Gamers are finding it to be more addicting than before, saying that it doesn’t matter which mode you’re in you still get that adrenaline rush.

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Vietcong 2


First person shooter gameplay that has a setting around any of the historical wars have proven to be very popular. The most popular ones are those based on the Vietnam War. It is downloadable, a MMO, and can be battled from either side. This is the new and improved version.

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The storyline takes place somewhere in the future, at a time when America is about to undergo yet, another war. It is a MMO and RTSG that will definitely keep you occupied for many hours.. It is totally downloadable and can also be used with the PS3, PS4, and the Xbox.

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