5Strike World War

8.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Fun and addictive gameplay

Can be boring after a while

5Strike World War is all about war. You have your team, your weapons, and your upgrades, and you are ready to head out and destroy the enemies. It is a lot of fun for anyone who enjoys a bit of destruction. You can use your soldiers to take down enemy forces, you can use upgrades to strengthen your own forces, you can collect and trade, and you can team up with other players. There is a lot for you to do in this game. It is an exciting adventure full of action and mayhem, giving you every opportunity to bring about chaos and war.


When you play 5Strike World War, you will have several soldiers. These are your tickets to destruction and victory. When your soldiers are good, you are good. You can use them to win and you can take down your enemies in an instant. To make them good, though, you will need experience. You need to win and you need to get better. When you win, you will level up. You will also have the chance to improve soldiers’ skills and talents, making them more destructive forces on the battlefield. It is amazing the amount of upgrades that you have available to you for your soldiers.

Winning and gaining that experience is not always so easy. 5Strike World War gives you the chance to improve through training. With this training, you can become a better marksman and you can strengthen your soldiers. Just make sure that you watch out for spies during this training.


There is always the risk that they are on base, getting information to bring back to their employer. Taken them down, train harder, and show them that you are not a force they want to face any time soon, at least not if they want to live.

There are clans available in 5Strike World War. You can join an existing clan or make your own. For an existing clan, you become part of their team. You can work together to meet goals, to gain power, and to take out rival clans. It works similarly to clans in other games. If you would rather lead, though, you can make your own clan. Choose who joins and who goes, strength your bonds, train and improve, and take out everyone until you are the top clan. The clan system here is what you would expect, but built for this game specifically.


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Playing alongside other players does not stop at clans. 5Strike World War also has the World Tournament. This is your chance to test your skills and your soldiers in combat. Tear down your enemies until you are victorious. When you win, you will receive titles and resources. Titles are straightforward, and a lot of fun to have, and the resources can help you to reach goals quickly. This is a fun addition to the game that will make the war and the destruction far more exciting than it already is, which will feel nearly impossible to you at first.

5Strike World War is free to play.

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