Air Conflicts: Vietnam

7.1 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Good soundtrack | Simple controls

Repetitive gameplay | No replay value

War games typically put you on the battlefield and feel cold, straightforward. That is what you expect from strategy. You are normally in the mind of a strategist who only looks at the war and the pieces that lead to victory. However, Air Conflicts: Vietnam is a bit different. It gives you the war, the battles, and the action, all wrapped up in a story. You will meet characters, learn about characters, make important decisions that will affect them, and see the battlefield in a brand new light. It adds heart and emotions to war in a way that most other strategy games never could.

Air Conflicts2

You play as Joe Thompson, a pilot in the US Air Force during the Vietnam War. He heads over to Vietnam to help the US forces and the locals who do not want to submit to communism. On the other side is the Vietcong and Russia, trying to bring all of Vietnam into communism. To defeat them, you need to think strategically. You need to control the entire squadron, all of the planes, to see victory. This is no easy feat, however. You have to manage all of these planes and you have to take down your enemies quickly, all in the middle of one of the most dangerous and explosive wars of all time.

During the battles, you will have missions to complete. These missions will have you use certain parts of the aircraft, go to certain areas, and manage certain tasks. There are a lot of missions to complete throughout Air Conflicts: Vietnam. This means that you always have something new to do.

Air Conflicts11

It is not simply strategy, where you have to develop a strategy and go forward with it. You have a more detailed game with plenty of things to do. As you make progress, you can start to dig deeper into the missions and the story as a whole.

Yes, there is a story in Air Conflicts: Vietnam. This is not your average strategy game, as mentioned above. It has heart and emotions. Joe Thompson, the character that you play, has a family back home. Throughout this war, his relationship with his family changes. You see how this war has affected the people. You see the emotional side of the war rather than just the cold brutality and destruction. You still have that part, of course, but it goes much deeper. It makes for an exciting adventure that will open your eyes to what really happens during a war.

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There is a feel of authenticity to Air Conflicts: Vietnam. You have actual aircraft and actions true to the war. Realism is a big thing here. You will have to do things that you have to do during a war, you will control realistic aircraft, and you will see the parts of war that you never do in other games. All of this is wrapped up in a great package, too. The graphics and the soundtrack are excellent, making this world feel a lot more alive.

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