Arma 2

8.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

It has a unique first-person shooter gameplay

Poor voice acting

ArmA 2, the real fun of online gaming

Nowadays most teens are attracted to online games. The unique features of the online games available in the market play an active role behind this wide acceptance and demand of online games. ArmA 2 is one such game being widely played online, especially by teenagers across the globe.

Would you like to play the role of an Army man?

Yes, it is possible now! This military simulation video game has got all the features to enjoy some addicting gaming time online.


Multiplayer scenario, seizing the control of towns, building up the supply points, buying weapons and vehicles, capturing bunkers, driving tanks and other vehicles are just few of the many things you can enjoy in this game.

What’s more? The graphics and simulation is so mind blowing that the player actually feels like a part of the game.

Compete like a real person!

All these features along with the experience of competing against a real person, unlike the programmed opponents in the conventional video games, can provide you the best online gaming experience. This game allows you as a player to conquer bunkers from your opponent and defeat enemies who wish to take over your city. The game is so engrossing that time flies while at the console.


Developers made this very real

ArmA 2 was developed by the famous Bohemia Interactive Studio. The developers of the game deserve an applaud, for they have come with a game that is exciting, and thrilling up to the finish line. This game is like a gripping novel, once begun cannot be left until finished.

Sneek preview of the game

When you are playing the ArmA 2, you are allowed to be the leader of a squad and can control  the members of the squad. Don your thinking cap and build up strategies for a real combat. As you advance to higher levels, you get access to a number of weapons unique to ArmA 2.


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As the squad leader you will be allowed to command a number of squads using the map. As you progress you can activate unused weapons and conquer new towns. Assault rifles, machine guns, and missile launchers with realistically simulated ballistics are just a few of the 80 weapons that you can use to conquer your way to victory.

Cars, tractors, bicycles and aircrafts act as means of transport in this action packed game. If you love action and strategy games, the ArmA 2 is meant for you. Try this game once and you will be hooked to it. Adults and teenagers both spend endless hours unlocking weapons and vehicles to conquer new towns as they inch towards the finish.

ArmA 2 is free to play.

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