Battle Dawn

6.7 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Easily visible world map

Slow progression and gameplay

Battle Dawn: The Browser Games That Has Come a Long Way

Browser based games have come a long way.  They are a great deal more complex and offering levels of experience to fit all.  With an array of styles from arcades to adventures to RPGs.

Battle Dawn, the creation of Tacticsoft has moved to the front of the line in popularity in browser based war games.  Battle Dawn offers a wonderful combination of a simple playing style intertwined with complex strategy.

What is Battle Dawn About?

This is a free multiplayer online game offering three different worlds and thousands of other players.  This free MMORPG game requires absolutely no downloads and is totally built in Flash.  Battle Dawn requires strategy, tactics and diplomacy surrounded by individual cities, alliances and coalitions to gain power and become a top performer within the game.

Battle Dawn11

You start off as a leader of a small colony then using your skills to expand your power over the entire world.  You want to expand your boarders and build a great army by out maneuvering your enemies while building strong bonds with your allies.


Your alliances are other players helping each other out and sharing resources and defenses.  Strategy within the game takes place at the alliance level where players make alliances and compete for possessions, such as relics and boosting crystals.  During this level, alliances can make and break deals, conquer neighbors and wage war.

Tactical Options

This part of the game is quite easy.  You build cities and armies and either attack or protect when necessary.  The tactics are in knowing what and when to build, who you should attack and with how large an army.  There is no one skill that brings about your position and power, instead it is a combination of all skills to survive and prosper.

Battle Dawn8

Player Cities

Player cities are in two levels, during construction mode you are given a great deal of detail along with development features and adding cityscapes.  These details are only visible to the city owner while other players will only see a basic city of the world map.  The size of the city depends on the population and players who donate to the game actually get a better image of the city they support.


Players vary offering 3 versions of unit types, infantry, vehicle and armor.  Weapons consist of beam, explosive and impacting collisions.

The game ends at the “End of Age” which is at the point where an alliance has ultimate control, objects and relics.

Rules and Strategies

Battle Dawn is similar to the game of chess and although the rules are relatively simply to learn, it’s the strategy that decides the outcomes.  Some players have been with the game since its beginnings in 2006 but that does not guarantee success.  In some cases it will take more than one age to master the strategy and other aspects of the game.  As there are constantly new players joining daily, there is always help from new alliances and keeps this game very much alive and interesting.

Battle Dawn10

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The Costs

Although there are times that money can give a player a leg up when additional resources are purchased at the proper time.  That said, this game can still bring you quite far without spending a penny.  There are leading players that have place extremely high without spending money.


Battle Dawn has justifiably made its way to the top of the heap in the war game genre.  With thousands of players participating with each age, this game will remain at the top for some time to come.

To play, you will need a web browser and Flasher Player 9.0 or higher along with an internet connection and that’s it!  If you like this genre of game, you are going to love Battle Dawn!  Come try it out and see for yourself.

Battle Dawn is free to play.

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