Battlefield 4

8.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Map design is very good and gun mechanics are better than its predecessor

Tons of bugs and glitches that need to be patched

For players looking to transfer from the normality of the console Battlefield games to a more user friendly PC version, Battlefield 4 is the perfect step up from the console games. By running the game on your PC, the fluidity of the graphics are raised by incredible standards, as even on the highest setting, many people’s computers run games at a much higher performance rate than consoles.

Battlefield 4 lets you experience real time battles from the back of a gun boat, and with an incredibly well rendered environment that you can change completely and interact with, you will never again be bored by the same old textures flashing across your screen over and over. Battlefield 4 boasts well rendered terrains as well as many different types of units to control and send into battle.

Battlefield 4 10

Many users reported how dull Battlefield 4 felt on the Xbox 360, but the PC version of this game takes the dullness away and replaces it with intense battles that throw you right into the midst of the action.

If you enjoy fighting at close range, and feeling the rush of bullets flying overhead while you’re gazing around at your teammates, trying to figure out the best strategy to make it out of the situation alive, Battlefield 4 will definitely embrace your play style.

Battlefield 4 11

In fact, some of the smaller maps may become too intense in the midst of battle, as Battlefield 4 puts you into the middle of what feels like a hundred men all striving to kill each other, and come out of the battle victorious. If you’re looking for a bit more space to snipe from a distance and take your opponents out from long range, do not worry, Battlefield 4 incorporates this aspect of gameplay in the game as well.

With many different classes and weapon types to choose from, you won’t ever become bored of this fast paced shooter and day in and day out, Battlefield 4 will keep you immersed with its own unique brand of play style.

Battlefield 4 12

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Whether it’s the graphics, the soundtrack, the gameplay, or simply playing online with friends that you’re interested in, Battlefield 4 will most definitely keep you entertained for hours on end. Unlike with the console versions, choppy graphics, a lowered frame rate, and a lack of intense battles will never be a problem with your PC.

For those interested in the game, definitely check out some of the gameplay footage on YouTube, or rent the game from your local video store. Battlefield 4 is without a doubt worth your time when looking into a new shooter to dedicate time to.

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