Black Shot

7.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 6/10

Great ranking system

Few weapons and maps

What Is Black Shot:

This is one of the best  MMOFPS (Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter) games available right now. Black Shot will take you into an arena of outrageous murder and raining-down bullet madness! Similar to the era of Counter Strike and Quake 3, you are given various scenarios for carrying out different missions.

Although first person shooter games differ really very little from one another, MMOFPs games are awesome casual games to have on your computer. The greatest aspect of this game genre is the skill factor. In other words, even if you have the most incredible sniper rifle in your hands, your enemy can still take you out with a hand gun if you don’t know how to use that rifle the right way.

Game Modes:

TDF – TDF – Capture the Flag:

Black Shot12

You and your team players must work together in order to capture your enemy’s flag and gain points. Although you get points for each kill, capturing a flag gives a lot more points. When time runs out, the team with the highest scoring is victor.

SD – Plant the Bomb:

If you have played Counter-Strike, you are probably going to love this mode! Nothing has really changed since first introduced 10 years ago, but it’s still one of the most popular modes for players to date!

DA – Horde and Fire Fight:

Although similar to horde and fire fight mode in Halo ODST and Gears of War, it feels a lot more like Left 4 Dead. You are teaming up with three more players in a tower defense scenario. This is a Black Shot Original and Exclusive to Black Shot. It really is a great deal of fun so you might want to download the game and give it a shot!

TDM – Team Death Match:

As the name insinuates, you and your teams must take part in huge battles. It Rocks!

Black Shot5


At the end of each game, the points are added up and you will be presented with a player ranking based on how well you rocked or how badly you failed!

The game has four modes to choose from and each has a great set of maps with different sniper points and assault points to master in order to get the upper hand.

The MMO Factor:

This is great!  If you’re not happy with your MP5, then march on over to the item shop and find the gun that works best for you. Black Shot allows you to define and adjust your soldiers as they level up, gaining new experiences.

It’s important to level up because it will allow you many additional skills known as Tactics that will help a great deal through the game.

Black Shot11

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There are plenty of perks to give you extra gadgets for a more enjoyable gaming experience. Some of these perks provide excellent boosts, accuracies for sniper power with added rifles and your grenade range. All perks depend on what you want your character to be the best at. So concentrate on your tactics to pursue the best perks. When you gain in rank you will also have a larger selection of new weapons and gear. Always keep in mine your character’s armor is extremely important in order to prevent yourself getting killed!


The graphics are very much like Combat Arms. Even if the graphics are not top of the line, they are good and will keep you intrigued with every view.


Although like many MMOFPS games, the similarities are there, Black Shot does seem to march to it’s own beat and offers some very unique aspects that make this game worthwhile. It is a must if you really like MMOFPS games and it’s a wonderful casual game! So come on over and just have a blast!

Black Shot is free to play.

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