Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War

7.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Stunning visuals | Easy combat

Controls are clunky | Energy bar

Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War is a fascinating gaming experience. This is a well-designed game with notable graphics. This game is vividly polished with extremely detailed environments. Even weather and time of day variations have been incorporated into the gameplay. In the aftermath of the D-Day invasion, this game is a dramatic journey through a time of incredible battle.

Join the heroic shooting action of WWII and fight brave soldiers from around the world. This unique MMO allows you climb the army ranks in the extreme multiplayer version. You can dive right into the action with various types of missions. Smooth third person action with free movement allows you to enjoy Assault, Sniper, Siege, or Stealth. The choice is yours.


The multiplayer mode gives you two gameplay options to begin with. There is a Free for All and a Team Deathmatch. Enjoy mastering each of the four maps while unlocking game-changing perks. Play with each weapon class and upgrade your soldiers’ arms.

You can also experience unique single-player squad-based combat. Employ the diverse abilities of your brothers to gain a tactical advantage. Unlock new allies and upgrade them into seasoned soldiers. Employ damage output, ability cooldown, HP pool, and more.


Unlock new weapons and turn them into the ultimate arsenal. There are fire rate, recoil, reload speed, and clip size upgrades so you can make the most out of your available weapons. With triple or infinite bullets and electric discharges you will discover the game-changing power of experimental weapons. Charge, assault, upgrade, and damage – a soldier is only as good as his weapon.

With impressive killcam zooms, Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War has impressive graphics. There are stunning indoor and outdoor settings and incredible detail to the surrounding landscape. Weather and light variations really bring this game to life. Furthermore, six different campaigns will take you to the unforgettable battlefields of WWII. From the ashes of Paris to the dismantled hopes of Berlin, this game will show you the suffering and destruction brought about by the largest war in the history of mankind.


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Join the frenzied multiplayer battleground of WWII and you’ll never be the same. The prodigious graphic design and intuitive control system help make this online game a totally addictive experience. This thirst-quenching online experience will suck you in as you explore all the available content. Unlock features that can get you ahead of the game. Employ different weapons and equipment that will differentiate you from your fellow gamers.

Another fascinating aspect to this game is the chat mode. Not only can you destroy your enemies, you can tell them about it first! You can also use the chat mode to form strategic battle plans with your allies. It’s all in fun and this game has mastered it well. There is so much to choose from its like a breath of fresh air in the war combat gaming genre. Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War is a must have for any online gamer.

Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War is free to play.

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