6.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 6/10

Great concept | Easy to play

Join a story server | No achievements

Burgers is an action adventure indie game with a great story line. A small group of German soldiers is sent into a small town to investigate strange activities. The task was supposed to be fast and easy but it just didn’t work out that way. Instead they face unimaginable hardships and must fail their country in order to save the world. Follow a unique soldier as he investigates options to get rid of a heavy task that will soon threaten world peace.

Choose between co-op and single-player options. Level up your current German hero and his weapons. Unlock new characters and earn points as you play. Customize spawns for your own arena before you enter and test your skills. This game will challenge your abilities in combat. Level up, unlock new characters, and earn points. You can even purchase weapons and show off what you have.


There are many combats, some with soldiers and others with monster characters. There are many weapons to choose from including machine guns, pistols, mele weapons, and more. The Germans have the monsters and an evil plan. You are the only one who can stop them.

The game is based as either a storyline or arena to fight the monsters. If you choose the storyline, you have the option to replay missions. If you finish the storyline content in normal you can always boost the difficulty, which is a nice feature. You are a soldier in the war fighting against the Nazis and their mutated monsters. The storyline is simple because this is an action, indie, platformer game for fun.


The easy controls are great to work with and the art is incredible. The detail in this game definitely sparks the imagination and draws you in. Even the monsters are awesome and totally original. The 2D RPG is a perfect choice for this game. Burgers is simple and entertaining. The weapons are great and so are the characters.

The action side is put together very well. You get to use all kinds of awesome weapons and characters. You actually feel like you are shooting a gun in Burgers and you will get ammo quite often. The feeling is powerful and satisfying. If you do happen to run out of ammo, you can choose to use the knife but you need mad skills to be successful.


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The visuals are stunning and it is fun shooting weird little creatures. The integration of local co-op fits well with this genre of games. The replay value is high. This game is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys high energy war combat and action indie platform games. Burgers is fun and simple. Enjoy using a myriad of weapons to blow things up. Experience the original story content from a third person point of view.

It is an awesome design and an exhilarating game to play. Have fun playing alone or get your friends involved and devise a strategy to get the upper hand. Use your strategic skills to defeat the enemy. Once you start playing Burgers you won’t put it down until you finish it.

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