Company of Heroes 2 – The British Forces

8.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Well balanced extra maps

Multiplayer only | Poor tutorial

Real time strategy games take you across the world and across time. In Company of Heroes 2 – The British Forces, you go to one of the most popular destinations: World War II. In this version, you play as the British forces. This includes England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.

They have all come together to fight the axis forces, and you are going to help. By controlling the offensive and defensive troops, you will start to break the power that the enemy holds. Thanks to the unique gameplay and the large amount of content available, anyone can jump right in and start having fun in this game.


Company of Heroes 2 – The British Forces is a standalone multiplayer game for the series. Like many, if you play real time strategies, you probably already know about the Company of Heroes games. They are hugely popular and successful because of their quality. They provide individuals with a complete strategy experience that offers realism, action, and numerous options. With this new game, you can get into all of that and play alongside your friends. You even have access to maps in other games in the series when you play online. This means there is always something available that will challenge you.

Online is a major part of Company of Heroes 2 – The British Forces. You have the chance to play against people from across the globe. Since Company of Heroes is such an incredibly massive game, with more and more people getting into it every day, you will never find yourself without an enemy in the world.


You can go into online combat, test strategies against real people, see what is truly possible with this game, and even check out maps not available in this standalone game. Thanks to the huge selection of maps already available, both through games and through the Steam Workshop, you always have new settings awaiting you.

With so much to control, you can develop a detailed strategy. Company of Heroes 2 – The British Forces offers an unreal amount of depth, keeping even the most experienced strategists on their toes. You will have to clean up old strategies, build new ones, and develop them as you progress through the game. The units and commanders, too, affect your strategies. With so many of them, the potential here is nearly limitless. You can begin to craft strategies to fit all types of opponents, maps, scenarios, and setups. You will become unbeatable.


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All of this comes in an exceptional package. If you played the previous games in the series, this might not surprise you. Company of Heroes 2 – The British Forces follows the quality that you expect and is an all around entertaining game. With the great writing, voice acting, and motion captured animations, however, it is even better.

It is pleasant for everyone. It offers up a story that will keep your attention from the moment the battles start and it will make all actions you take far more incredible than they were before

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