7.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 8/10

Short optional tutorial

Repetitive gameplay

Crossfire challenges the FPS fan in us all, and keeps you wanting more after every play. When you first start, you are going to be greeted with quite a few options, allowing you to get started in a way that is familiar with you. Choose a character and choose a way to play, getting everything set up.

This is a game where you can play with anywhere from 2 to 16 players, all split into two teams trying to destroy each other. You are going to have to fight your way to the top, using all of the weapons and skills that you have available to you. As you improve, you can even get more to improve your gaming experience.


As an MMO shooter, Crossfire is comparable to some other popular FPS games, mostly earlier versions. While it is not as stunning visually as many of those other games, it still offers an experience that is easy to enjoy and that gets you into the art of an FPS. You have the chance to pick up weapons, choose your character, and get out there with your team. You are going to have to use a mixture of your wits and teamwork in order to succeed, a task that may prove more difficult than you might imagine. No matter what, it is still a wonderful way to challenge yourself and have fun.

Crossfire gives you a limited choice of characters, but there are a few more available in the shop if you are interested. Anyone who decides to play should definitely check this out. You might find a character that you like a lot more, or you might find that your current character works best for you.


Of course, once you get into the game, it is going to be all about destroying the enemy and winning. Using the weapons available, along with your teamwork, develop a strategy that will take down the opponents or simply go in with guns blazing, ready to destroy all who cross your path.

For people who want to switch things up a bit, Crossfire does offer four separate game modes, including options like team death match and ghost mode. They each have their challenges and advantages, so make sure that you look into them all. You want to make sure that you are playing in a way that is fun and that suits you, and a way that is going to make this game as fun as possible.


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With the options here, along with the selection of maps, it should not be difficult to pick out your favorite way and location to play.

Above, it was mentioned that this game does not stand up well to other games visually, but that should not make you look elsewhere for a good experience. This game is not nearly as big as many others out there, which can sometimes weigh heavy on your system and require some exceptional hardware in order to play fully. You and anyone else interested can pick up Crossfire right away and start playing, and love every moment of it.

Crossfire is free to play.

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