Crysis Warhead

9.1 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Better performance and improved choices of weapons

Game world is smaller

Crysis Warhead: New and Improved For All!

What Is Crysis Warhead:

Created by Crytek, this is the followup to the original Crysis, the non stop action, best gameplay and graphics multiplayer game on the market and won multiple game of the year awards. Unfortunately, the sales were low because most PCs were not capable of playing the game due to its high system requirements.

Crysis Warhead starts off with the same non stop action, heart pounding experiences and amazing graphics while keeping the system requirements friendly to all PCs.


The Game:

In Crysis Warhead, you take on the role of Sergeant “Psycho” Skykes, a British squad mate from Crysis. This game is not a continuation of Crysis and just picking up where Crysis left off. Instead it runs on a timeline in Crysis and what is going on with Psycho on the other end of the island.

If you were able to play Crysis, you will see the same lush tropical environments that will actually be much better due to the CryENGINE 2 game engine. The enemies are unchanged and you will still fight waves of North Korean troops and aliens.

Psycho starts off with a Delta Force standard SCAR  assault rifle. You will run out of ammo within five to 10 minutes and will have to grab weapons and ammo from dead enemies or from North Korean stronghold areas.


You will find silencers, scopes and sights along the way and there are some new weapons and munitions in this game to add to the arsenal. One such weapon is the dual wielding submachine gun which can be fired by clicking right or left mouse buttons.

The vehicles in Warhead have been somewhat tweaked with their driving controls and maneuvering more accurately.  There are new vehicles as well and mounted weapons available to you and plenty of opportunity to use them.

From the very beginning of Warhead, there is no doubt that it is even more action packed and intense then Crysis. The missions must be completed in order for the story to move on and you must move from point A to point B in order to defeat enemies. There are side missions that are optional.

An upside to the missions, you can complete them in anyway you see fit. Whether with blazing guns or sneaking up on enemies.


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Warhead has included a multiplayer section called Crysis Wars. It contains maps and game modes from Crysis and exclusive maps and modes including Team Instant Action. This multiplayer mode will add extra life to the game after you have completed the single player section.


As mentioned earlier, some players were experiencing problems with Crysis due to the system requirements. Crytek has change this by optimizing CryENGINE 2 game engine for better performance and better hardware. The results are incredible and runs faster and smoother than in Crysis.

If you are into this game genre and are hoping for a Cyrsis 2, jump into Warhead. It will give you a chance to get used to the gaming and give you experience while getting off on the incredible graphics. This is a really great game and shouldn’t be missed out on.

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