Day of Defeat: Source

8.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Easy to learn | Smooth gameplay

Games modes and number of maps are limited

Day of Defeat: Source Is A Must!

What Is Day of Defeat: Source:

Day of Defeat: Source has some of the same classic gameplay from the original Day of Defeat with improvements within the game and technological advances “Valve” created by Half-Life 2. It is a multiplayer, team based game set in the WWII European arena. You choose a role, carryout missions that are based on historical operations. Its action-packed, fast play is welcomed by gamers everywhere.

Between technology and DoD, this game has state of the art graphics, HDR lighting, optimized  versions of maps, overhauled sound and new characters, weapons and world models.


The Game:

Set in Europe during World War II, you choose a certain role within a team and complete missions. This is a sequel to Half-Life mode Day of Defeat and is a first-person shooter  game.

New Features:

  • Completely updated maps that are Awesome
  • Integrated physics simulation offering realistic buoyancy, gravity and friction.


  • War Status Reports for your gameplay stats
  • Excellent details in textures, surfaces and models for superb realism.
  • Reflections, shadows, and lighting through bump mapping.
  • Superb HDR lighting


For more screenshots, click here.

  • Upgraded player interface
  • New voices, weapons and sounds.

In Conclusion:

This game has all the looks and feel of being in the center of WWII. The graphics are excellent, the action is fast and the perks are great! If you like shooter games, this game is a definite to get into! So grab your friends and join in, you will not ever get bored!

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