Enemy Front

7.9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Graphics looked nice and gritty

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WW2 was a time when successful battles depended upon the likes of Robert Hawkins. As a war correspondent, Robert Hawkins is larger than life in the game Enemy Front. An enhanced modern war game, Enemy Front connects WW2 with a phenomenal sandbox gaming experience. Amazing lifelike visuals combined with a fully interactive combat experience, makes this WW2 game a modern treasure among gamers.

Enemy Front blows away the hum drum of the normal linear scripted FPS type of game. Players are granted the opportunity to personalize their entire gaming sessions with this exciting war game. To enhance your WW2 adventure this sandbox styled game enables you to experiment with Stealth, Subterfuge, and gives you the ability to Run & Gun at freewill.

Enemy Front 3

As you take on the role of Robert Hawkins you will fight and cover up your missions from the anti-Nazi Resistance operations. You will enjoy awe inspiring views of France, Norway, Nazi Germany, as well as Warsaw in this WW2 game. There are numerous reasons to fall in love with this totally hands on game, here are but a few:

  • Beautiful scenery, hard hitting action centered around iconic Resistance operations from WW2
  • Secretive operations using a full arsenal of weaponry typical for the era of WW2 combined with action packed sniping in stealth mode
  • An impressive arsenal of weaponry loaded with Sten guns, Welrod Silenced Pistols, SMGs, rifles, and the Lightening SMG

Enemy Front 9

  • An opportunity to see  the total annihilation of  gaming environments creating a realistic feel to this game
  • Nostalgic recreations of WW2  heroes you actually get to interact with while gaming
  • Long lasting operations that can turn each gaming Campaign into a 10-12 hour experience
  • Multiplayer feature that enables you and your friends to enjoy this absolute first WW2 sandbox gaming phenomenon

Though there are many popular FPS games on the market, Enemy Front offers a one of a kind experience combined with a walk back in time. Created by CRYENGINE technology this game was developed to stand out among the crowd of games.

Enemy Front 12

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The nostalgic feel and nature of this game attracts gamers of all ages. Without a doubt CRYENGINE has provided gamers with an all-out amazing opportunity to experience life in the WW2 era.

Take a European tour and invite your best pals to dive into this action packed game with you. Be prepared to want to play the entire thing out without stopping, yes, it really is that good! Call your friends, grab the snacks and drinks and settle in for a thrill seeking adventure of your lifetime WW2 style.

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