Faces of War

7.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Detailed visuals | Intense gameplay | Nice physics and animations

Clunky controls | So much micro-management | Poor voice acting

A there has only been a handful of RTS video games that have gone where Faces of War takes you. It offers you the opportunity to take charge of an entire squad of soldiers and lead them into the battlegrounds where World War II took place. There is also the option of taking care of things yourself.

If you have ever thought about being in control of the troops during a war this is the one game you don’t want to miss out on. It lets you experience World War II in a different perspective while you are taking control of the English, German, Russian, and American soldiers throughout some world famous battles.

You can have access to the arsenal consisting of weapons of authentication, using this with the advanced AI you can manage the progress of your troops. Faces of War has a download feature for your convenience. It’s up to you if whether you decide to keep records of the war and manage it, or maybe you’d rather fight in the war yourself.

Faces of War5

Either play this in the traditional matter, which is the point and click RTS view. But you may want to play a role of the third person taking control and being a soldier, getting some one on one action and a little intense gameplay in.

Moving on to the more complex AI system you will be interring the battlefield with a squad of soldiers, six soldiers, all intelligent, and each one of them is capable of thinking and reacting quickly, without being affected by the war rage. It not only takes a toll on others, it appears to diminishes their morale as well.

You will have to lead your squad into World War II battlegrounds where there will be a lot of destructible environments, you’ll lead your squad to interact even among all the danger. Basically, the destructible environment will be things like torn buildings that have been bombed from the war.

Faces of War10

It offers eight different multi-playing modes that can accompany up to sixteen of you at one given time, and a co-op mode of up to four.As you are commanding the English, German, American, and Russian troops you’ll be putting them in dangerous situations such as the battle of the Bulge, and the battle of Berlin, and lets not forget about the D-Day battle.

While the battle and the war continuesto progress it will be up to you to find your soldiers the equipment and weapons needed, giving them a tactical advantage and helping the soldiers to achieve winning the battle, bringing the enemies down.

This is war, and in the time of war there has got to be some tactical planning. The reactions of the advanced AI along with some real time physics will make sure that each mission is fought in different ways.

Faces of War8

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That is why tactical planning is so important, with the use of it you can always be prepared for the next step. Besides using tactics there will be equipment, and all sorts of weapons for your squad to use.

This is a great game of war, and you are going to enjoy it tremendously.

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