Fallen Earth

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Interesting story

Steep learning curve

“Fallen Earth” – the Game Based on ‘Survival’

Are you interested in post-apocalyptic MMORPG? Then here is an awesome game for you from K2 Network. The title of the game is “Fallen Earth”. Of course, the general players are also welcome! Now, I shall tell you, what is “Fallen Earth”. In this game you are living in a world that has been paralyzed by a series of natural calamities.

Out of despair and frustration severe conflicts are there among the various groups of people. As one among the survivors you are living in that world and making efforts to come up in life. The difficult survival of the people after the devastating calamities and the desperation caused by the disaster make the basic theme for “Fallen Earth”.

Fallen Earth5

A Game of “Survival”

The game is focused on survival and as a result the main task in front of you in this game is to be self-sufficient. It will not be easy to get the equipments that you require to do your work since you are living in a world that is ruined. Even if the equipment is available somewhere you can’t afford to buy the same.

Hence the best solution is you create what you need, make it the most proper one and you train yourself how to handle the equipment that you created. In fact this aspect makes this game so thrilling. Also it shows how to survive in this world once the developed society becomes extinct.

Fallen Earth10

Features of this Game

In this game “Fallen Earth” the player lives in a desert which was the Grand Canyon of America prior to the natural disaster. Fallen Earth features a world that is wide open. The main features of this game are enemies, combat, quests and trading. Each aspect is handled in a distinct way. As a player in this game you are required to meet the right people for your success in life.

“Fallen Earth” is a perfect blend of FPS and RPG. How the player attacks his enemy is very crucial in this game. The players need to plan their attacks in such a way that the target should be their choice and the enemies are not targeted. One has to face multiple enemies. This aspect makes the game very interesting.

Fallen Earth12

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Factions and Characters

In “Fallen Earth” the characters are neutral though there are different factions. The players have the choice to be neutral or to be with one of the 6 factions. Those who are skilled, able and are with the best equipments are benefited by the factions. Each faction has an opposite faction also and both are rivals.

Though it is always good to have allies only, in this game one will have both friends and enemies. The different factions in this game include The Light Bearers, the traveler, enforcers, Vista, Tech and the children of the Apocalypse.

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