Great Big War Game

9.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10

Easy to pick up | Comical | Full of content

Lack of voice acting | Weak skirmish mode | Repetitive music tracks

This is a game of war in a wonderful cartoon type of style and animation to let the entire family enjoy the experience of the war. One of the features it offers is a single-player campaign.

However, it also offers a multi-player that can be found online, along with a lot of other features and options that will make it more enjoyable for you.

Offering fifty different missions, and a game-center to record all your accomplishments. You’re going to find the new visuals to be more interesting and you will definitely enjoy and get a kick out of all the humor it consist of.

Great Big10

The “Great Big War Game” is the sequel to the “Great Little War Game”. It is a game of corny combat, with the war being displayed in a fun and humorous cartoon type of style. It lets you be in charge of all the army units, those that are on the land, at sea, and also, those in the air.

You’ll have a choice of using the pass and skirmish mode which the features has been included in the design stages of the game. There is also the option of combating with your new friends here, or with your real life friends, and if you choose to do so you can combat with both at the same time.

Something you don’t find everyday is the campaign mode, which has a total of fifty different stages to it, with each stage having various objectives for them. The different stages of the campaign mode’s objectives are like you are trying to save the loot, but you’re also having to defend yourself at the same time in order to survive.

Great Big11

It could even be that you have to defeat the general of your enemies, and even when you’re concerned about your troops/units safety. But, still know you have to take them into the area where the bombing raids are going on.

The maps, along with the army units seem to become a little of the same thing after a while, little to worry about though with the in-depth of enjoyment it gives you. It has also been designed with a great staging effect.

Stages of the campaigns are organized well, but are still complex enough that you’ll have to use some well thought out strategies when deciding your conquering techniques.

Great Big12

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There will be missions that require you to rush your troops in fast with the army supplied vehicles, and other missions where you will be required to hurry to a location in order to take advantage of the situation at hand.

Such as getting the word that the enemy ships will be in a specific location on a certain day, at a certain time, and you will need your units to be there to catch them off guard so you can bring them down.

You’ll always be busy as the campaigns can take more than an hour alone. You’ll enjoy the pass and play, as well as the skirmish vs. AI. It gives you an intuitive method of control that’s very simple once you get the hang of things.

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