Heroes and Generals

7.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Easy to learn | Unique blend of RTS and FPS | Fast-paced combat

Grid-laden | Few maps | Repetitive gameplay

This is a FPS Massive Multiplayer Online Game that is free for you to play. It has a great Strategic Campaign feature to offer you. It takes place in Europe during World War II, at a time in history when several Nations were fighting each other to gain control. Those Nations were Germany, the United States, and the Soviet Union.

It has been design to be a unique first-person-shooter with lots of action. You will be using some strategic measures to make decisions that involve thousands of others online. Your decisions have power and the ability to change the war as we know it.

You will have the opportunity to be a hero, and command tankers, and any other vehicle on the battlefield. You can experience what fighting in the trenches was like, and also to feel and experience flying an airplane.

Heroes and Generals12

The fantastic thing most like about this game is that you get to be a General, controlling the war, making the decisions on strategic and important matters that hold the troops life’s in your hands.

It feels good to be in charge, to be the one to manage situations as they arrive, and manage the army units themselves. Whether you take on the role as a Tank Gunner, Recon, General, Paratrooper, or stay with the Infantry the actions you choose to use could make the difference in how this war ends.

Heroes and Generals10

World War II will need you to use your brain and come up with strategy elements, especially after you are in the battlefields, it’s fight or you die! If you start out a soldier you have a chance to make rank to a General, now wouldn’t that be awesome.

Regardless if you are fighting as an American, a Russian, or you may want to fight with the Germans, that’s up to you. As long as you are enjoying yourself here, that is what matters.

Whichever side you decide to be on, you’ll get to experience and engage in some rather large scale battles. There is a ranking system that is going to be tracking any merits you receive, it knows how to differentiate you from your comrades so there will not be any mix-ups.

Heroes and Generals5

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There is a lot of good features offered in this game of Generals and Heroes, and many different key features as well. The designer gave it a strategic gameplay, and the type of surroundings needed to provide covert assaults and flanking. Another great key feature here is the multiple roles! Giving you the choice of taking on the role of being in the infantry, or being a fighter pilot and fly an airplane.

There are many others you can take the role of and experience what it is like, such as the tactician, the tactician is the one who determines the movements the troops are going to be using or taking, as well as their locations and allocations. This is what is referred to as combining strategy with the FPS.

Heroes and Generals is free to play.

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