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Gameplay: 8/10
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Graphics: 7/10

Remarkable last mission

Short campaign

Homefront: The Multiplayer Game With A Scary Vision

What Is Homefront:

This game’s story line takes place in the future as war is waged on American soil. As a first-person shooter game, few games do this topic with as much dire dedication as Homefront. Occupied America is a frightening image of brutality, desperation and loss. This is probably one of the most engrossing settings within this genre, making this game worthwhile. Although some parts of Homefront will seem familiar to veteran shooter players, its multiplayer and dramatic setting makes it a worthy game to get involved in.

The Game:

Homefront opens with a chronicle of the next 15 years. Gas Shortages leading to civil unrest and the United States slowly starts weakening as North Korea is entering it’s golden age of prosperity. The armed forces have consolidated and the bread lines are growing longer and longer. There is one very shocking execution scene that will probably stick with you throughout the entire game.

You are accompanied by other characters along your journey. Action intensifies as you move on from small shootouts to larger battles. You and your team are a small resistance force and you must hunt for powerful weapons to steal from your enemies.



Homefront offers two core game modes:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Capture and Hold that are playable in 2 variables. They will be familiar if you have played Call of Duty.

Experiences and Earnings:

You earn experience, level up, increase your weaponry and unlock new abilities. The maps offer a nice range of battlefield strategies. You will gain battle points that are spent during your current battle. Each has two slots for purchasing abilities that can give you and your team an edge in combat. Some items will only benefit you such as a flak jacket and radar sweep.

Others are for scoring some fast kills such as the Hellfire Missile and White Phosphorous Strikes.


Once you and your team have found their way out of a conflict and not visible to your enemies, you can summon remote controlled assets into the battle. One lower-end airborne drone cannot attack, but will highlight your enemies with large red diamonds that you can all see.

There are other drones that will serve you well in battle. Though they can be taken down or run out of batteries, they will assist you well in the outcome of a particular battle. They are actually pretty cool and it gives you something quite different to do!

You can save your points and let them build so you can “spawn” in a vehicle like a Humvee, tank or chopper. Spawning allies can appear in your vehicle so you don’t have to drive around trying to find recruiting forces. Battle points will up your combative skills by expanding your capabilities but also reward you for a tactical play.


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As you tally up your kills, within a given life, and will receive a star ranking that is highlighted on your enemies’ radar. Even though you are now a marked target, you gain many perks that come with your star ranking. These perks can make you more battle aware, faster or deadlier.

In Conclusion:

The actual mechanics of Homefront’s multiplayer game will be very familiar to most veterans of this genre. They are well integrated and offer a nice balance within the game. Homefront’s thorough and powerful vision of the future is extremely rare in shooter games. There are amazing, thought-provoking moments highlighted by an excellent soundtrack.

If you are a shooter fan, you should check out Homefront

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