Iron Front: Liberation 1944

6.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 5/10

Massive maps | Intense combat

Clunky controls | Multiplayer doesn’t work anymore

Iron Front: Liberation 1944 is a hyper realistic simulation that drops you right in the middle of Poland, the summer of 1944. The Red Army is preparing to throw the killing blow to the Wehrmacht. You are a German or Soviet front line soldier raging across huge battle fields. Only your skills and tactical finesse will determine if you reach your military objectives and make it out alive. The heat of combat awaits you in this tactical war simulation.

Command your own troops, man authentic weaponry, and take to the sky in deadly warplanes. Try steering all the vehicles in large scale battles involving infantry, tanks, and warplanes. You’ll feel like you are really there as you play a soldier in the 1st person or command your troops in the 3rd person. Iron Front: Liberation 1944 features fully fleshed out campaigns, one for the German side and one for the Russians.

Iron Front8

Both campaigns are set against a historically realistic backdrop. There are lots of setting options, from shooter to tactical. A huge arsenal of authentic weapons makes it hard not to just go in and start blowing things up. There are over thirty-five vehicles and planes, all at your disposal. The war is a serious basis for a pretty hardcore and unforgiving game. You definitely don’t want a “mission failed” notification. You are likely to be put in front of a firing squad, talk about realistic!

Realism permeates everything in this game. The attention to detail is incredible. You can adjust the range of the target on your rifle and manage inventory in combat mechanics. Even the movement and vision is awesome.

Iron Front11

To say that the graphics in this game are top-shelf is an understatement. Every little detail is meticulously placed. Even the large sweeping chunks of countryside are realistic terrain for the war.

Iron Front: Liberation 1944 boasts a powerful editor with a single player campaign and extensive multi-player capabilities. Choose from a number of traditional game types such as Deathmatch or Capture the Flag. The Tank Only mode allows you to really appreciate the size of the map you’re playing on. You can even play Blitzkrieg where one team defends the stronghold and the other capture specific spawn points. This game offers so many options there is no way not to have fun playing it.

Iron Front12

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The choice is yours. Do you want to play the role of a Russian or German infantryman? Do you want to try to slow the advance of the Soviet troops or try to break through the enemy’s resistance? With teamwork, tactical skill, and authentic war machines on your side, you have a fighting chance at victory.

If you’ve always wondered what ArmyA was like, here is your chance to find out. Iron Front: Liberation 1944’s realistic approach to combat simulation is the basis for all things war and fun. The heat of combat awaits you in single and multi-player modes. This is where war shows it’s true face!

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