March of War

7.7 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Simple and easy to play | Great tutorial

Game is buggy | Repetitive maps

March of War is an episodic turn-based strategy game set in alternative World War II. This online game utilizes a dieselpunk theme that pitches six unique factions against each other in the quest for total world domination. Experience a new kind of fast-paced action with distinctly rendered 3D battles in a 1940 world that exists in an alternate dimension.

First, you must select your faction. There are a choice of six that essentially represent gran alliances such as African Warlords or The European Alliance. Each faction has its own unique and awe-inspiring traits. Next, you must customize your play character. You must choose a name, gender, skin tone, facial type, etc. These characters are totally yours and must be formulated as such. There is a tutorial available if needed. It serves its purpose pretty well, introducing you to each feature of the game in graphic detail.

March of War1

Once you have chosen a faction and created a character, you are ready for battle. Assault is the most common match type, where you win by taking control of all capture points. Capture points give you bonuses that allow you to deploy more troops or vehicles. There are also command cards which are special abilities such as artillery strikes. Each unit can make two moves per turn.

Terrain and unit type are each indicative of movement and attack range. Each nation has its own unique selection of units and there are a wide range to choose from. March of War allows for a large number of units on the map which means you can build a personalized army to fit your playing style.

March of War5

Destroy your enemies and capture their territories as you advance through the ranks. Advance enough, and you may earn the honor of joining your faction’s High Command. You may even be voted Faction Leader. This will take strategy and tactical skill. Achieving High Command or even Faction Leader status is sure to expand the game into an intricate web of political allegiances and betrayals. Your decisions will directly influence the course of the war as your faction strives for total global domination.

Enjoy the all-encompassing experience of tactical warfare. Play smart and dirty to conquer this war-riddled dieselpunk society. The skirmish allows you to set up custom battles so you can advance at your pace. There is a new challenge at every fight.

March of War12

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Use between battle rests to build up your army and form battle groups. Research new weapons and abilities to be ready for the next fight. A mix of classic and exotic units will keep the game interesting. Can a Sherman Tank stand up to a Warbeast? Be the first to find out.

The six factions are very distinct. Choose what you will fight for and who you will be loyal to. Watch the fireworks on realistic 3D battlefields as your forces clash with the enemy’s across a myriad of landscape terrains. With PVE and PVP co-op opportunities players are waiting to join world-wide. See the world change as your faction marches across the map.

March of War is free to play.

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