Medal of Honor: Airborne

7.9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Great soundtrack | Detailed graphics

Short campaign | No replayability

Medal of Honor: Airborne is an enjoyable shooter game that literally drops you right into the middle of World War II. Step into the boots of a Private First Class in the Airborne Division where each mission begins with an intense airdrop. You begin each level being bounced around in a C-47 and must parachute your way down behind enemy lines. You get to view the entire operation from the air and then guide your shoot down to a chosen position. Your ability to determine your own landing spot will massively effect how each mission unfolds.

The best way to have a running spot is to aim for the safe zones marked out by green smoke bombs. Should you be killed in action, you’ll start again in the plane to parachute your way down into the action again. You will be tasked will multiple objectives and you are free to pursue them in any fashion you see fit.


There are multiple ways to get from one point to another so your tactical combat skills will come in handy. Sometimes the best way to assault a heavily defended objective is to look for an alternative way in.

Your fellow paratroopers will be battling the enemy at different locations on the battlefield. You can often use the sound of gunfire to lead you closer to your next objective without having to check the onscreen compass. This is a really neat perspective of Medal of Honor: Airborne because it makes you feel like you are fighting a battle in a larger war and not the only player in the game.


You have all of the standard World War II era weapons at your disposal but Medal of Honor: Airborne does a great job of introducing new ways to use your weapons. For instance, you can actually hold on to your grenades before launching them at the enemy. This means they have less reaction time once you have committed to that weapon and you have a better chance of blowing them to pieces. Additionally, you will gain experience with each weapon as you use it. Once you reach a certain amount of experience with a weapon, it will level up. This feature is pretty awesome because it can range from an expanded magazine to improved accuracy.

This game is all about tactical skill and hand to hand combat. Your enemies will seek cover and move between different firing positions. They may even boot scoot out of the area if the odds are looking attacked against them making the AI pretty fierce. Enemies will even charge at you and attempt to engage you in hand to hand combat.


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The single player campaign consists of six different missions. Once you complete the game you can go online to experience ranked and unranked matches. Multiple players can compete online in Team Deathmatch or other available modes. The games auto save feature works well too so you don’t have to spend time replaying conquered sequences. Choose your path and enjoy the exceptionally realistic characters in this dramatic online combat game.

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