Memoir ’44 Online

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Sounds: 7/10
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Easy to pick up | Great scenarios

Generic units | Pay to play

Memoir ’44 Online is a turn-based multiplayer war game based on the best-selling Days of Wonder board game. This fun multifaceted game allows you to relive all of the greatest battles of World War II. It is part of an active community where tens of thousands of online fans await your arrival 24/7. These one-on-one multiplayer confrontations are varied, forcing you to adapt your skills and command style for the Nations you play.

Memoir ’44 Online uses Gold Ingots for in-game currency and you’ll get 50 of them when you first download the game. That is enough to last you through dozens of hard-fought battles. As you progress through the ranks you will be promoted, hopefully making it to First Lieutenant rather timely. Each scenario has different win conditions usually centered around wiping out enemy units or capturing strategic points on the map.


The game very closely resembles the real world board game in many aspects. The map is divided into hexes and the terrain is specifically battle tailored. Memoir ’44 Online is a scenario driven game based on real events. At the beginning of each match you’ll choose from different locations and set ups.

Each unit has a movement and a firing range. The game will color in hexes as you move units, alerting you of the possible outcomes and abilities of each move. For instance, a dark shade of green means you can move there and attack on this turn while a lighter shade of green indicates a move is allowed but no attack.


Each exciting scenario is played out as the army of your choice. The game continues until someone meets the medal requirements or loses their entire army, which is always fun. There are built in hints and an available tutorial system that makes things easy to understand, even for the novice player. Once the requirements are met, your record will be updated. Then it’s back to the lobby. You can jump right in again and start battling AI or other players.

Memoir ’44 Online offers over forty historical World War II scenarios with new ones added regularly. It is a turn-based card driven war game with various units. The extensive video tutorial and in-game help make it easy to grasp but the gameplay is rich and tactical. You can also choose advanced AI for solo training.


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The comprehensive officer ranking and achievement system makes it fun and competitive. This game offers a friendly community of strategy fans and history buffs all the time. It is multiplayer gaming at its best, without the wait. You can always find a worthy opponent.

Deploy your troops into action. There are hundreds of different World War II battle scenarios to play. Anyone who loves the strategy genre or wargames in general will not want to overlook this game. Turn-based game enthusiasts will also not be disappointed. This is a fun, oppositional game for the masses who enjoy online games that are historically true to their roots.

Memoir ’44 Online is free to play.

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