Modern Conflict 2

7.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

They have great single missions and campaigns

No way to synchronize the progress of the game in other devices

This Christmas season is made special for users of Apple products. Loyal fans of the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad will discover the real-time Modern Conflict 2 in the App Store for FREE. Being a sequel to the popular war strategy game Modern Conflict means there will be even more things to love about this game. Dedicated Modern Conflict fans can now enjoy an enhanced version of this game through the addition of more gameplay features, entirely new scenarios and environments along with a multiplayer mode.

That’s right; it’s time for you and your friends to get your game on by taking on the job of protecting the world from global domination. All of the greatest powers in the world will collide and battle each other in a variety of military test grounds located in the Amazon forests, the Gobi desert and even on the glacier terrain of the tundra.

Modern Conflict 2 6

This sequel makes all other war games look like child’s play. The exciting new multiplayer feature enables you to battle generals that are equally eager to make headway in the ultimate battle to dominate the entire planet.

The Features You Are Going To Love:

  • Radical special operations  and tricky single-player missions
  • A multiplayer mode that enables you to play with friends online and take the challenge of quick matches
  • Numerous options that enhance gameplay such as controlling armies, full command of top of the line military vehicles and access to strategic battle tactics

Modern Conflict 2 7

  • Gamers choice between three types of challenging landscaping and over 70 different maps to work with
  • Bonus starter pack and enhanced character levels that include access to special military technologies
  • Over 80 battle achievements, phenomenal game center support and leader boards to boast accomplishments

Millions of players worldwide are thrilled with the opportunity to play the sequel to one of the most popular real-time war games of all times. The new terrain, battle techniques, enhanced gameplay, combined with the new multiplayer feature make this game all the more phenomenal. With the entire planet transformed into a battleground players will have an opportunity to use the new features and terrain to their advantage.

Modern Conflict 2 12

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Along with providing new stomping grounds for battle tactics to be tried and proven, gamers can even take on experienced generals in this global war game with the fully-featured multiplayer mode. Gamers will find that Modern Conflict 2 offers them all of the war time goodies they will need to defend against world domination. Players have access to lethal missiles, high tech choppers, rugged tanks and many other useful tools and technologies.

It’s a warzone out there and Modern Conflict 2 delivers the goods gamers long for to set up epic multiplayer battles. Modern Conflict 2 is a proud creation of Gaijin Entertainment and a highly anticipated gaming opportunity for all war game lovers.

Modern Conflict 2 is free to play.

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