Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

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The sound design and graphics are all top notch

The servers are terrible and laggy

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Is Here

What Is Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad:

The first Red Orchestra redefined multiplayer tactical gaming becoming one of the ten most played MP games for many years. Tripwire Interactive created new content over three years, after launching, and was totally free of charge. Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad is the newest edition and has added many extra features and a different slant on single-player, MP gaming and MP modes. This is all totally free to owners of the game.

Without doubt, Stalingrad was considered the greatest battle, as it was the turning point in WWII. Millions of soldiers, months of battle and major destruction to the city took its toll in WWII. RO2 has re-enacted, historically, the brutality of modern warfare and has done so quite effectively while still working as a video game.

There are two new modes that you need to take a look into:


This mode features a cross-hair that is easier for aiming, reducing damage, toning down recoil and offering access to a wide variety of weaponry. This is the ideal mode for those of you who are into the world of Red Orchestra.



For those of you who want a great blend of new game innovations and the edgy, tactical play of original Red Orchestra, it’s in this mode.

New maps offering close-quarter battles in trenches and bunkers and long range combat across Stalingrad.

The game has a more refined and improved gameplay, vehicle improvements and a smoother performance. This is why gamers, like yourself, declared this game one of the very best in 2011.


  • Single play missions in Stalingrad for both German and Russian camps, containing 12 missions each.
  • Three multiplayer game modes and a multiplayer mission that is played across ten maps.
  • Weapon handling: ballistics, adjustable sights and many more
  • Over 20 infantry weapons


  • On call artillery and aerial re-con
  • 2 vehicles that are fully crewed
  • Tank warfare
  • Player progression

The Game:

In Stalingrad, the cover-based system seems to make more sense than has been going on in other first person shooter games. There are piles of sandbags in every house and every block. Using the dedicated cover button along with sprints, crouches etc, makes getting around the city not easy work. You will be dodging enemy fire and artillery while trying to make it to a safe house.

In many warfare games, there are various classes to choose from but come with set limits. Teams made up of snipers and gunners are impossible because the majority of the teams are made up of cannon-fodder riflemen. These soldiers are destroyed pretty quickly without machine gun support or grenades.

Red Orchestra 2 uses a different approach for dividing squad roles in both single player and multiplayer modes. In single mode, the roles are randomly assigned and in multi mode, you can choose although the roles are capped.


For more screenshots, click here.


Full Tank Crews:

The driver, gunners and commander and all have different roles to play. Lack of visual ability is done quite realistically.

The Infantry:

Gun clips will show how full they are when you reload. There is no ammo counter, so you must depend on your memory to know how much ammo you have left.


All in all, Red Orchestra 2 is pretty realistic in actual war environments and without doubt holds onto the brutality of Stalingrad.  The sound or music is actually quite subtle and battles are expressed through quotes from diaries shown at the end of levels.

The video game does manage to make Stalingrad historically respectable. The online multiplayer game focuses on individual events of success vs the grand orchestration. If you like shooter, realistic warfare games, you will enjoy Red Orchestra 2

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