Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders

7.1 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Easy to fly | Lots of aircraft choices

Can get a bit repetitive | Short campaigns

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders gives you control over the skies. You are a fighter pilot during World War II, one of the most impressive times to fight in a plane. Battles stretching from Pearl Harbor to Eastern Europe took place during this time, and you can experience it all here. You can fight for your country, fight for the skies, and fight for fun.

You can even play alongside your friends if you would like. It is an incredible and exciting game that offers some exceptional aerial combat. There is so much for you to do here, too, so you will never find yourself growing bored.


Of course, Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders makes for an amazing time partly due to the realism. The realistic looks, planes, battles, and features all put you in the position of an actual World War II fighter pilot. If you have ever wondered how one felt during this time, or what one experienced, this is your chance. If you want to see the realism of the environment, or if you simply want to relax a bit, you can also fly around without any enemies. There is so much to adore about the environment in this game, from the realistic appearance to how well detailed everything is, even down to the tiniest aspects of it.

You have more than just a lot of stuff to look at, obviously. Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders comes with three single player campaigns, with a total of 17 missions. Thanks to the five tutorials available, you should have no trouble jumping straight into these campaigns.


You can take them on confidently and you can start to destroy your enemies with ease. Not only that, but you can do so in style, as well. Customize your plane weaponry and paint to make it unique to you. With 29 planes, and three versions of each, it is easy to make this your own.

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders is not just about the campaign mode. You have numerous other modes available, from Survival to Defend the Base. Choose the one that you prefer and head right into it. When playing, you can fight alongside friends and other players. Multiplayer is a major point of this game so there is always someone ready to play with you. A fun part of this is the fact that multiplayer is cross-platform. Someone on a PC can play alongside someone on a mobile device. This means there is a huge group of players ready for you.


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Actually playing Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders is not that difficult. It has good controls, as well as gamepad and joystick support, making it straightforward and simple when actually playing. On top of that, you can customize the controls how you would like.

Whatever type of controls that you prefer, you can choose. This gives you full control over the way that you fly your plane and the way that you destroy your enemies, giving you a higher chance of coming out of these battles victorious.

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