Soldiers Inc.

7.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 8/10

Entertaining story with great voice acting and humor

The value of diamonds is too high

You are at war, and you have your team about you. It is time to strike, so strike hard. If you want to succeed in Soldiers Inc, you cannot let opportunities get away from you. There is so much going on, from NPCs challenging your developing character to other players waiting in silence and darkness, so it is vital that you are aware and prepared.

There is a lot for you to do in this game, and even more for you to gain as you improve yourself. If you want to take down the other teams and move your way up the ladder to becoming the best player, you need to know what you are doing and you need a good strategy. This means choosing the right team, choosing the right battle strategy, and using your wits.

Soldiers Inc5

Soldiers Inc is an MMORTS, which means that you need to use a mixture of your mind and the other players in order to win. You need to figure out which players can benefit you most and you need to develop a strategy that most benefits you. With so much to do here, it is not that difficult to find a way of playing that suits you. In fact, you may get into this and find that you can succeed without a lot of hassle. Of course, that is not always the case, but it is still incredibly fun trying to develop your own strategy here.

Setting up your base and your game is easy and exciting. You are going to start with a small outpost and then steadily move your way up to a massive base, where everything is powerful and untouchable.

Soldiers Inc3

Any enemies that go your way will be taken out almost immediately, and few other teams will be able to touch you at all. You can dominate the game and destroy the other players with ease. Not only that, but, as you gain levels, you can also do far more. This game makes development exciting and interesting, keeping you wanting to go forward.

You can find your own way to play, too. Soldiers Inc is an MMO, after all, so you do not have to stick with the NPCs that offer monotonous gameplay or that no longer challenge you. If you are looking for a challenge, you can take out other players, join a team, and face opposing teams.

Soldiers Inc4

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There are several way for you to go about success in this game, and they all offer the experiences that you want. With so many options available to you, there is nothing holding you back from playing the way that you most enjoy.

What makes Soldiers Inc truly astounding is the time and effort that went into creating it, something that you are going to notice immediately. The graphics and sounds, which includes high quality art and voice overs, are amazing. The work that went into creating this game really shows in the gameplay and overall experience, which are sure to keep you captivated and wanting more.

Soldiers Inc is free to play.

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