Spirit of War

7.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Simple mechanics | Multiplayer

No custom scenarios | Lacks complexity

Spirit of War is a strategy war game inspired by board games. It takes place during World War I, putting you in the middle of battles from 1914 to 1918. As you fight alongside your allies, you will try to figure out new ways to take down your enemies. You will do so on land, in the air, and in the water. You have to take control of every part of the battlefield if you want to emerge victorious. This means having a detailed battle plan that can truly win over the opponent. If you want to have some more fun here, you can also try out the local two player mode that is available.

In Spirit of War, you have turn-based combat on a field with hex pieces. It is similar to many board games that you know, including hugely popular strategy board games. The movements, the options, and gameplay will all feel familiar, but with its own twist on things.

Spirit of War1

This gives you the chance to jump right in without a large amount of learning necessary. Even if you are a beginner with this genre, it does not overcomplicate things. You should have no trouble getting started here and enjoying yourself every minute.

The maps in Spirit of War, of which there are 48 for single player and 12 for multiplayer, give you a look at real battlefields. It is a historical game that keeps with the facts and reality. If you love realism in these types of games, then you will adore the amount of detail that went into this one. On top of the different maps, you have different terrains. Terrains play an important part in keeping the game challenging, ensuring that you are never able to just relax and take over without much effort. You actually have to put in the work if you want to win.

Spirit of War3

The battles themselves are exceptional. You have 47 separate battle troops. You can attack and take on your opponents in a variety of ways. With such a large selection, you can also develop the perfect strategy for you. Spirit of War gives you the chance to have full control over the direction your army takes.

This means that victory is wholly in your hands. You have the power to destroy your enemies or to fail horribly. It all depends on the accuracy and effectiveness of your strategies and how you use everything available to you.

Spirit of War12

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Going back to realism, Spirit of War does amaze even the most dedicated to war strategy games. The developers employed a real historian to create a diary. You can read from this diary after your turns to learn more about the events that took place.

This gives you a detailed account of the war from someone who understands it better than most. It is not like reading a textbook; it is more like reading the diary of someone who knew those involved closely and who could give you every important detail of the way.

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