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Star Wars and Xbox

Star Wars fans are in for a wonderful treat with Star Wars Battlefront. This game liberally borrows from George Lucas’s franchise and uses many weapons and vehicles including X-wings, snow-speeders and AT-ST.

All you have to do is load it into your Xbox and you are up and running! Star Wars Battlefront is a multiplayer, online shooter set with soldier sets such as Stormtroopers, Rebel pilots, AT-AT commanders and Republic Guards. Players can take part in epic battle scenes from Episodes IV, V, VI or from the trilogies I, II, and III. Players team up to battle on ten legendary planets from Lucas’ franchise as well.

Keep in mind. your enjoyment rests solely on how big a Star Wars fan you are. Consider this before purchasing the game. 

Game Play

If you are familiar with Battlefield 1942, you should know exactly what to expect from Battlefront. The big difference is, in this game, you are using Star Wars characters and vehicles in Lucas Classic Locations. The idea is to control command posts spread all over the map.

Star Wars Battlefront1

You win either by controlling all the command posts or by killing off all the enemy’s reinforcements. The number of team members dictates how many extra lives the entire team has to spend. Spread over 200 or so lives between of 32 each game goes pretty quickly.

You get to choose to play from the two different eras of the Star Wars films. Unfortunately, you cannot mix them up together. You can only play within an era: Empire vs Rebels or Republic vs Separatist. You cannot pit the Empire against the Republic, though I suppose that would be pretty cool!

A Single Player

Although Battlefront is a multiplayer game, there are some pretty good single player modes if you wish. As it’s solo, Bots will fill in the teams but that’s also kind of fun!

There is an awesome historical campaign mode that follows the battles of Episodes I-III or IV-VI, depending on which era you have chosen.

Star Wars Battlefront11

There is another mode called Galactic Conquests that allows you to choose the planets you want to attack. Each planet has 2 battlefields that you must win in order to conquer the planet.

Once you control a planet, you will receive special bonuses such as extra lives to use when waging battles on other planets. There is also an Instant Action Mode, all you do is choose a side and get into the fight.


This mode is the heart and sole of the game and it delivers in one awesome way! You can use a split screen multiplayer with two people or you can sign on to Xbox Live and play in matches with up to 16 other players.

Playing online with real people is not only great fun but allows for great strategizing and celebrations. As you will be teaming up with other huge Star War fans, hooking up online is going to be a real treat online.

Star Wars Battlefront9

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This game runs extremely smoothly and is not particularly difficult to jump in and get started with. This game works really well because the gameplay is solid! You have the option of third or first person perspectives and both viewpoints work really well.

This game runs pretty much like Halo where the controls are pretty much the same. Again the game is very smooth when you are tossing grenades and diving for cover!

The Characters

There are 5 different classes of characters to choose from:

  • Soldiers
  • Heavy weapons
  • Snipers
  • Pilots
  • One  final class that is exclusive to each of the other four sides!

Each factions plays pretty much like the others, with each having their own strengths and weaknesses but each one is fun to play with no one having an advantage.

Star War fans, you must jump on this because you are going to be thrilled at the hours of fun in store for you!

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