Storm Over the Pacific

6.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 6/10

Easy game to play | Customizable units and maps

Lackluster interface | Some controls are not intuitive

Storm Over the Pacific is a new grand-strategy game designed to be historically accurate and provide an exciting, unpredictable, war-time gaming experience. This game depicts the World War era conflict between Japan and the United States, and allows you to choose from almost thirty available countries to play historically accurate battles. The scenarios allow you to battle including on land, sea, and air, and you can even choose your level of engagement. You can concentrate on directing one country, or even command several countries to develop an alliance of nations.

You have the options to customize the interface of the game, too, which makes the playing experience even more customized and fun. Within Storm Over the Pacific, as I mentioned, you can choose different units for air, land and naval play, and can play out scenarios in almost thirty countries individually or in combination.


You can also choose from four major campaigns in the pacific, Australia, and china, or play any variety of smaller scenarios that span 1939 to 1948. You can also configure the user interface, which makes it even easier to command armies, form alliances, and manage your nations as you battle. With that set up, it allows you to configure the game intuitively so that you can focus on your strategy – and strategy is crucial to enjoying this game and really being able to play it successfully and well.

Another huge advantage of this game is the historical accuracy. When you choose the way you want to configure the game, you can choose whether you want to create your own path of game play, or if you want to stick closely to a historically accurate scenario for game-play.


Since Storm Over the Pacific takes place between 1937 and 1945 and depicts the conflict in World War II, regardless of how you choose to configure the game, you’ll enjoy familiar, historically accurate references, such as scenarios in Pearl Harbor, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa, as well as the race to develop the atomic bomb. Plus, battle orders are detailed and historically accurate, including historically accurate names and commanders for all units.

Not only that, but the graphic and timeline in the game even includes accurate and relevant weather, moving through the seasons. All of this combines to make Storm Over the Pacific a really enjoyable, engaging game. You’ll be able to focus on strategy and enjoy the realism within the game to create a strategies and alliances as you battle.


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The game is a great value, also, because there are so many plots and subplots. Between the true-to-history scenarios and the option to create your own path, the four major battles and the smaller scenarios, Storm Over the Pacific really offers you hundreds of hours of strategic gameplay. Since there are so many variable, too, you’ll find that the gameplay is never boring. Even though some of the battles can be difficult to win, they also offer immense satisfaction when you do succeed in a campaign, and you’ll find the different scenarios exciting and engaging.

Whether you enjoy history or intense strategy game play, Storm Over the Pacific is a great game for anyone looking for a fun, exciting, and enjoyable game.

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