Strategic War in Europe

6.1 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 5/10

Simple to learn | Can be modded easily

Random crashes | Vague manual and tutorial

Strategic War in Europe is a turn-based strategy game based in World War II. This game allows you to focus as much on the larger scope of the war as every individual battle. Play is set between 1939 and 1942 depending on who you play and which scenario you pick. Choose to be the Axis, the Allies, or the Comintern. Play against AI or another opponent. Additionally, hot-seat play is available as well as play-by-email.

The tutorial will help explain the game mechanics such as how to move your units, attack, supply, etc. Strategic War in Europe uses production points for the in-game currency. Production points allow you to purchase and upgrade units, research new technologies, get supplies, and move reinforcements to existing units. Additionally, you can use them to research and produce more effective tanks, troops, and nuclear weapons.


Diplomatic points allow you to carry out corresponding actions such as pressuring a neutral to join your alliance or declaring war. Choose your strategy and add a commander to your unit if you so choose. Your action points will tell you what available actions you can perform at each turn. Choose your target unit and attack.

Ground units can perform Para Drops, amphibious landings, or can be transported by sea. Fighters do reconnaissance and intercept any fighters on their patrols. You can use tactical air units to attack any ground forces and naval units. Strategic bombers can bomb cities and ground units.


On the naval side you have battleships, submarines, and aircraft carriers. Give orders to the fleets and tell them to move in either raider formations or regular formations. Bombard ground forces, launch air strikes, and do reconnaissance patrols. Move your fleets and engage your naval units in combat. Strategic War in Europe will test your combat skills and your tactical strategies.

There are six unique scenarios that span World War II. You play on an expansive hex based map of Europe and North Africa. You have the ability to control up to 25 countries across the alliances. Build your army to attack by land, sea, or air.


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The choice is yours. The supply system is based on convoys and railroads. It is at your disposal. The technology system expands five unique areas of research and the dynamic weather system will affect the tide of war. The economy and production system will help you to build your strategy and conquer other countries.

See if you have the recipe for ultimate victory. With no restrictions on actions during your turn, it is all in your hands. An unlimited amount of players are allowed in the hot-seat mode and you can have up to four players in the PBEM mode. Strategic War in Europe is a board game on your screen but you don’t have to look for a human opponent anymore. There are many paths to win the game. Use the five scale difficulty setting and try them all. Do you have what it takes for victory in Strategic War in Europe?

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