Super Trench Attack!

6.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Intuitive level design | Humor and nice gameplay

Game is short | Repetitive game design

Super Trench Attack! is based in a World War I atmosphere. It has been designed to be comical with a twitch shooter effect. It has a sense of humor to it, and the style is that of a cartoon nature.

Although you’ll be busy with flying in the skies and shooting down the enemies you’re going to be giggling plenty. It has a good storyline behind it, and it involves a Dastardly Black Army that invaded your homeland. Only one man stands between the bad guys and victory. He’s a really a crazy fellow. Actually, he is a recruit that has a good eye, and makes all his head shots. He won’t waste any time when it comes to kicking the enemies backside neither.

Super Trench Attack!12

The shooting action has a 60FPS and it is smoother than a babies bottom. The targeting system is unique, with a feature that lets you turn it on and off. It is controlled with actions on the Xbox. There are many secret places, with four large areas open to explore. You can go adventuring, and have fun when the chance arrives.

There will be shooting galleries where you can practice up on your aim, and giant bosses that will be hard to beat, there are 16 various missions in which you will need to complete all of them. Your back will be watched by an AI character, he’s your crazy buddy. At least someone will be watching it. This also offers four different shops where you can get weapons, unique items, and traps, giving you a variety of different ways to play.

Super Trench Attack!2

In today’s modern world with a vast amount of technology, we can now have video games that are digital. Digital video games brings the experience to us in Real Time, and closer to reality. However, all of this doesn’t necessarily make it better, if the video game is better, it’s because it has been designed better in the first place.

There are others that would like to have entertainment put back into gaming, we refer to them as the Retro Army. They designed this video game “Super Trench Attack” (STA). It’s a World War I story about bravery and courage, that has little fellows that has issues, they’re called scimitar wielding monkeys, and they wear these little sailor hats, and have boxes of giggles, uncontrollable giggles.

Super Trench Attack!11

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There isn’t anything wrong with having a little comical jester in our gameplay. This is a 2D world with a cartoon effect. It’s anything except boring, or normal.

It may seem unrealistic at first, but the STA’s characters being of a caricature nature will soon become natural to you. Give it a try, and judge for yourself!

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