7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Great cooperative gameplay

Poorly-paced campaign

Syndicate is a classic game that has been recreated with up to date graphics and new quests to achieve. The upgrade on the classic version has created a new and thrilling experience to play. With successful design choices and extraordinary graphics it becomes a very addictive role to play. You can play in single or multi-player mode and can experience the full thrilling adrenaline rush in any mode. March boldly into your enemy’s territory and take them out.


Syndicate is not like any other one shooter game, it pushes the limit and has no boring story to follow. This game is extremely entertaining with its many features such as its co-op mode, shooting and horrifying tale. There are great corporations that rule your world and have taken over by putting chips in every one’s head. Each chip that has been placed in the heads of all citizens can be accessed by the manufacturer.


In the game Syndicate each giant corporation has murders agents that fight over the land and technology. One of the giant corporations called Eurocorp has developed a super chip named DART 6. This powerful chip allows the shooter to slow down time and break through other chips. DART 6 gives the up most advantage in fighting strategy and a new unique experience.

When you are playing the single player mode the story line is about Miles Kilo. Miles Kilo is a new agent who has discovered his true back ground. Milo Kilo tries to understand why he fights and who he is fighting for. Playing the co-op campaign will have missions that you must be complete to be able to advance to the next level. Co-op mode allows access to other awesome features of the game such as team boosting powers for faster breaching and short term damage boosters.


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Syndicate is set apart from any other shooters by using the DART chip to manipulate others. One of the best features is beneath the skin of the shooter; it is a puzzle game hiding in the gunfire. Something else you can also use on your enemy is the hacking mechanic called breaching. This technique allows you to engage horrific things in the mind such as making the enemy kill themselves, shoot their partners and fall to the ground stunned. Stepping into the world of Syndicate keeps you on your toes with danger lurking around every corner. Syndicate is an extraordinary, thrilling and action packed game that you don’t want to stop playing.

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