Tank Operations: European Campaign

6.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 5/10

Simple to grasp | Variety of assets

Lack of multiplayer option | Limited replayability

Tank Operations: European Campaign is a turn-based, tactical wargame in which you are a Field Marshal commanding troops through some of the most famous battles of World War II. This game features a dozen nail-biting historical scenarios set on diverse battlefields. Enjoy more than fifty faithfully rendered, authentic military combat units. This game will occupy you for hours with sabotage options and realistic combat scenarios.

Your battle scenarios will range from the landing of Allied troops in Northwestern Africa to the invasion of Southern Italy. You are the head commander of the Allied force leading the invasion of Europe and Northern Africa as the tides of World War II are turning. You will have access to a variety of assets that include tanks, infantry, long-range artillery, naval units, and more. You must carefully coordinate each one to take out enemy troops, secure locations, and destroy bases.

Tank Operations10

Tank Operations: European Campaign uses a classical hex-based turn system. You are able to move your units in any order you choose before the computer does the same. The first scenario deals with Operation Torch, which is a general rehearsal for Overlord. Do you have the tactical skills and ability to move past it? Landing situations and air strikes will allow you to quickly take out bunkers and tanks. Use the destroyers and battleships for naval fire.

All units have a special skill that should be carefully considered when moving them around the map. Solid scouting is necessary to make sure the enemy is not preparing a powerful counterattack. The AI knows how to concentrate its forces to take out the weakest player-controlled units. Can you outsmart it?

Tank Operations11

The quality of the graphics is spot on and matches the game. The interesting presentation will draw you into the gameplay. This is a classic military strategy game with a clearly identifiable style. The sound design conveys the scale of combat and reminds you of the high stakes involved in the game. Tank Operation: European Campaign is a solid turn-based strategy wargame that delivers engaging combat.

Feel the weight of the war on your shoulders as the AI reacts to your every move on the battlefield. There are a dozen historical scenarios to challenge your combat knowledge. Use over fifty authentic combat support units based on real-world tanks, planes, and infantry.

Tank Operations12

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Destroy bridges, capture buildings, or jam weapons with a variety of special skills. Sabotage options allow you to covertly break the enemy’s supply chain and disrupt their combat plans. Supply Chain Management is key, make sure your forces are fully armed and completely fueled for battle.

Test your combat knowledge and tactical skills to see if you have what it takes to conquer and prevail. If you are a history enthusiast or just part of the strategy based genre, the Tank Operations: European Campaign is a must have. There is a wide range of authentic military combat scenarios that will immerse you in World War II and keep you there fighting for the right to prevail.

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