The Entente: WWI Battlefields

6.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 5/10

Challenging AI | Memorable soundtrack

Compatibility issues | Lacking trench warfare

The Entente: WWI Battlefields is based on one of the bloodiest wars in the history of mankind. This game revolves around the military events from 1914 to 1918 and accurately portrays this turbulent time. For four long years the earth trembled from gun explosions and the sky was darkened with smoke and ashes. Immerse yourself in the middle of the military events that spawned the first use of weapons of mass destruction. The Entente: WWI Battlefields give you a chance to be a part of this war and try to change history.

You can play your choice of five countries including Russia, France, Germany, Austria, and Britain. There are five campaigns that are all uniquely different. This games boasts a variety of specialized units that are all specific to each country of the era. Every nation has its own features and all units were made true from a historical point of view using archive documents and photos. This is a real-time strategy game where you must choose wisely.

The Entente2

Economic and military advisors will help facilitate control over development. They will assist you in upgrades, obtaining resources, and producing units. You are a high military commander entrusted with the fate of the nations. There are more than a thousand structures on the map and a full encyclopedia of armament at your disposal. You will either engage in AI or with other gamers.

The primary objective is to gather various resources that can be used to create and feed your powerful army. You’ll need wood, iron, gold, oil, food, and electricity. Accumulating these resources will help you create powerful units to engage the enemy in some extremely powerful battles. Engross yourself in a time where chemical weapons were first created. Mustard gas will really decimate enemy troops. The Entente: WWI Battlefields accurately depicts how utterly brutal the First World War really was and you’ll be there to see it with your own eyes.

The Entente4

One of the most impressive feature this game offers is the realistic use of artificial intelligence. Troops are not just sent to your area but are methodically placed in various points on the maps. They will actually hide in different structures within the game. The Entente: WWI Battlefields also contains a variety of units that include artillery, aviation, buildings, cavalry, fleet, and more. This game has it all.

Graphically this game contains some amazing 3D landscapes. The gaming environment is highly detailed and contains a variety of high resolutions for your enjoyment. Apart from the beautiful backgrounds, the 3D units are also design realistically.

The Entente12

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The graphic use of lighting even makes the explosions look deadly. The buildings have all bee professionally designed and some of the war torn towns reflect quite a bit of damage. Even the savage sounds of war have been perfectly implemented in this game.

This is one of the first games based on the actual events of World War I. Enjoy non-linear mission structure and authentic massive battles. This game is firmly based in the brutality of the First World War. Come take part in massive military operations on land, by sea, and in the skies. You won’t want to miss this.

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