The Lost Battalion: All Out Warfare

6.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 6/10

A lot of maps to choose from | Entertaining voice overs

Slow gameplay | No level progression

The Lost Battalion: All Out Warfare is a simple side-scrolling shooter set in the Wester Fronts of World War I. It is an action/platform shooter where you play an American soldier from Alabama. This mustached American soldier has his own accented dialogue that will keep you smiling the whole time you are taking out enemy soldiers.

This 2D platformer is known for its unique art style and it portrays the real life events of the Liberty Battalion. Countless men were killed or captured. Some held out and continued to fight until they were rescued. Like these men, you can be a hero on the Western front and fight against your enemies for America’s pride.

The Lost1

You will fight through streets that have been littered with propaganda. You can make an offensive across no man’s land and prepare for a gas attack by the Germans. Experience several battlefields including the Argonne forest where The Lost Battalion made their stand. See you on the front!

Enjoy three different game modes featuring Up and Over, Arcade, and Foothold. Arcade is the score chaser consisting of eight different levels. Foothold boasts six maps with defensive gameplay where you must protect your American Brothers in a trench against the Germans. Up and Over has three maps. It throws you into a charge across a field while a machine gun is firing at you. Capture all three trenches and you win the game.

The Lost5

Random waves of enemies come from every direction and you must protect yourself at all costs. Try to stay out of the mud and away from the German soldiers. Shooting the German soldiers will score you points that you need to win the game. There are two types of enemies, foot soldiers and machine gunners. Machine gunners fire kill shots that will run through an entire line. Foot soldiers deal damage so you need to avoid them at all costs. You should also avoid other threats like barbed wire. Utilize your tactical skills and protect yourself as you kill off the German soldiers.

You can hear the soldiers’ German dialogue as they take their dying breathe. Your mustached American from Alabama will tell you that he bleeds red, white, and blue. His stereotypical southern accent is befitting and he lets loose when he takes damage or kills a German soldier.

The Lost12

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In this animated war game you are the hero of the lost Battalion. The walk cycles and even the bullets themselves are brisk. This game is meant for fun and there is plenty to be had on the Western Fronts. Choose your map and your defensive gameplay. See if you have what it takes to rescue the Lost Battalion.

There are various difficulties and many ways to die if you aren’t paying attention. This game will test your skill and your combat abilities. Make a move on the map land and prepare for battle. Do you have what it takes to overcome the German army? Lose yourself on the Western Fronts of World War I as you take your stand and fight to the death.

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