Ubersoldier II

6.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Good graphics | Fun combat

Short gameplay | Low number of weapons

This game is set in April 1945 and all of Hitler’s aides are trying to find an exit strategy out of the war. A tightly knit group of generals, involved in the most heinous deeds is struggling to find a way to save the Third Empire. There is a conspiracy to move the leaders of the Reich, along with precious resources and classified equipment, to a remote hideout in the Tibetan mountains.

In Ubersoldier II you play Karl, a German resistance fighter. And you are trying to help the Allies defeat the Third Reich. The game throws you right into the action as you start off manning a large machine gun mounted on the rear of a jeep. All sorts of Nazi vehicles are feverishly chasing after you. You begin your adventure trying to stay alive and locate the secret Nazi experimental base. As you get closer, you realize all of the horrors developing in this Nazi base. Pretty soon, you come face to face with the mutated creations of Adolf Hitler’s scientists.


Together with your friends, you must try to penetrate the secrets of the occult and destroy your ultimate target. Luckily you have some abilities that will help you take care of your enemies. For instance, if you can complete a series of headshots concurrently, you will enter into a sniper mode. When this happens your enemies will slow down for a brief amount of time, making it easy for you to slaughter them. The same thing happens when you make multiple kills with your knife. A berserker modes kicks in and you are momentarily a Crazed Nazi killing machine.

There are some small characteristics, such as the above, that give this game a unique quality. Some of it is based on historical fact which makes it all the easier to immerse yourself in the game and imagine that you are a hell-boy Nazi slaughter house. There are a variety of weapons at your disposal. Some are truly of the time period and some are fantastical.


Albeit fictional, there is a definite story line to follow in Ubersoldier II which gives it nice character. Between levels, a type of comic book framed story begins to unravel. This gives you the ability to view events between levels. Clearly, a modest amount of attention was given to creating a plot that can be followed.  Additionally, the sound effects and voice overs of the German soldiers bring this game to life. You can also hear the explosions, gunfire, etc..as you play through the levels.

Enjoy your choice of twenty-one different weapons to slaughter the dozens of brutal enemies and mutants. Many of them are unique World War II weapons, including prototypes. Ubersoldier II also offers various types of jeeps, trucks, tanks, and planes, true to the time period and available for you to use. With next-generation quality graphics, physics, and artificial intelligence this game offers special combat bonuses and the ability to fine tune them.


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RPG features include special abilities and an accumulation of experience. Full multiplayer is available through LAN with up to sixteen players so your friends can join in on the fun. Together you must discover the exact extent of the Third Reich plan and destroy the ultimate target. Do you have what it takes?

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