7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Intuitive interface and user-friendly | Several skills to obtain and weapons to choose from

Steep learning curve | Lag issues | Weak animations

This is a multi-player FPS that has a realistic setting of World War I. It offers you a great experience of what it’s like to do combat on the battlefield. The time period is 1914 through 1918, and it all happens on the Western Front. It is one of several wars in history that was brutal, with many fatalities.

This will let you experience offensive battles where you will be rushing to enemy trenches trying to gain control. Throughout the war you may be battling to defend ground you just conquered from an enemy attack. the possibilities of things that could happen are endless.

One of the interesting things about the gameplay is the authentic weaponry. The weapons are so realistic. It’s also interesting how they got the realistic bullet physics into the action, the bullets seems so real.


While the features gives you authentic weaponry, it also teaches you how to handle weapons, so you will be handling your weapons based on your skills. You’ll also experience wearing a claustrophobic gas mask while experiencing poisonous gas, and artillery barrages.

It will also give you the opportunity to experience the FPS tactical Squad Based leveling system, with different squad types. There will be front line based attacks, as well as counter attacks in the gameplay.

It is going to be a challenge when fighting in the trenches, and it will require the use of some cunning tactics if you intend to defend your ground, much less do any capturing.


You’re going to find that the game mode for the front lines have unique tactics that are very complex. All the front lines are team based. They also have a rifle death match that is skilled based. During the entire period or the war the Entente and Central Powers are striving for control over all of the front line sectors.

Those whose job it is to take care of the front lines will be defending the entire trench line. Those responsible for the front lines are also the ones to be preparing for any counter attacks. Each time a round of attacks comes to a rest all of the troops will keeps has to keep their guard up, as usual, troops should always prepared to attack, defend themselves, and make counter attacks.

For any attacks, along with counter attacks, will have strategic planning involved, and a tactical execution. You will have your troops pushing the enemies back, away from their safety spot, which is their trenches. Watch out for your attackers as they will establish foot-holds in just the right location, easing closer and closer towards you.


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Generals of the battlefield can eventually become an NCO, this position puts them in charge of pushing the troops forward, and giving out orders. Being in this position gives them the right to say when to deploy mortar and mustard gas as well.

The General has to be a quick thinker, and being able to stay on their feet much of the time is crucial to surviving. Troops put their life’s on the line twenty-four-hours a day as they are ducking the bullets of long range sniper rifles that are hidden.

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