War Commander

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Social Medias are pushing through in securing their place on the Internet. They are becoming more relevant that continue to grow and even produce extraordinary games. Social media such as Facebook has a vast variety of great and thrilling strategy games to play online.

The company Kixeye has developed an extreme and hardcore action game called War Commander. This game is featured in a space marine world with similarities to Halo or Gears of War. This game is available to play on Facebook with the community and all your friends online.

War Commander8

Immediately beginning the game War Commander has you in a fight to help out a group of fellow soldiers. You will be commanding multiple units and building your strength to be able to succeed in all tasks. The quest system is really good and is designed to keep you on track on all aspects of the game.

When you first start out in the game there will be a grace period to be able to build up your army. After the grace period is up you will become prey to the rest of the community. By expanding your empire this will give you the advantage to dominate the world map. You will have the ability to launch over twenty realistic planes, tanks and troops.

War Commander9

This game requires awesome strategies, strong armies and building training facilities. This can take some time to do, but there is an option to speed up the process by using Facebook credits. In War Commander there is a lot of guess work and planning involved before attacking.

The guess work must be done because the interface does not give you the ability to view the enemies units. Another cool feature you will have in your army is the artificial intelligence that will fight for you.

War Commander10

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When it comes to the artificial intelligence it is extremely competent and will always advance no matter how far the enemy is. War Commander is very impressive with the many features, themes and graphics. It is packed full of blood, violence and graphic language giving it the thrilling realistic feel.

You must not be merciful to any of your enemies; taking them down is your only option with the full force of your army. War Commander is a very addictive game with hardcore strategic fighting that will give a thrilling adrenaline rush.

War Commander is free to play.

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