War Thunder

6.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Very realistic and fun multiplayer game

There are some control problems

War Thunder takes you to World War II battle action. Your mission is to disable enemy aircraft and to open the air ways for your bomber team. You will have fun in the competitive online action. You will be flying your planes in combat. You will direct the planes with the computer’s mouse and keyboard. You learn how to point and click.

You get to select which view you want to play in. The views available to you are a standard third person view, a first person view, a bombing view, and an in-cockpit view. You also get to switch, unlock new aircraft, train your flight crew, and upgrade your planes.

War Thunder9

You earn XP individually as you learn and fly the plane in combat. Your crew may be able to earn their own aircraft. The more you play the better you will become. At first you will feel odd but you can and will adjust to the feel of the setup.

There are different modes from which you can select to play. The modes that you can select from are Arcade, Historical, and Full Real Mode. Arcade Mode lets you shoot down enemies from the start.

War Thunder1

As you advance in play you will have more planes in each battle. If your plane is taken out within moments you ware back at play. Arcade mode is the mode considered to be the first mode and provides you with a good time.

Historical Mode is the next level of play in War Thunder. More reality is evident. You will use historical maps. More skill is required in order to defeat the enemy. Your team is made up of WWII allies. If you are not careful each mistake could be your downfall. The Full-Real mode puts you in the cockpit of the plane. You feel as if you really are in battle.

War Thunder8

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You will have access to a map that is quite impressive. The planes are individualized and are one of a kind thus you know and can tell if you are going against a fighter or an enemy that will bring you pain. With War Thunder you will feel as if you are really there. You will believe you are flying in battle.

War Thunder should provide you with many hours of entertainment if you enjoy planes of the WWII era and doing battle. Be prepared to spend hours at play.

War Thunder is free to play.

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