6.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 6/10

Decent graphics | Sliding simulator

Pay to win | Lag issues

This is an adrenaline pumping game that is set in the future. It allows you to go up against one another with PVP combat matches, or you can choose to work together going up against others in co -op campaigns. It is a massive multi-player online game, and has a first person shooter gameplay.

The CryEngine 3 was used in creating the FPS. It is totally free for you to play. It provides some wonderful visuals that have effects that create an impressive and different cinematic experience, as it puts you right where the action is, in the middle of all the combat.

There are many features offered to make this entertainer even more enjoyable, such as the various PvP game modes, and it gives you several different maps to use to do some exploring. The features offers four different classes, each having their own skills and abilities.

The feature that lets you modify your equipment during a match is great. It is good to have a scenario to it all, and it’s fun to be sent on the co-op missions. It has all been designed using the CryEngine 3, which is being used more and more in the developing of video games.


The gameplay offers a traditional FPS, and you have an option to work together or not. It offers various abilities with each of the classes. You can use the option of working together where they help each other to get heavy obstacles out of the way, or help each other to climb walls.

You will be able to pick between four different classes, each having skills of their own, they are the engineer, medic, sniper, and the rifleman. The sniper is equipped with a sniper rifle. The sniper class is the deadliest, especially when it comes to critical attacks.

The rifleman class is well combatant, and is equipped with a R4A1 assault rifle. The rifleman also has a continuous firepower with special ammunition resupply action. The engineer is a diverse fighter. As an engineer you will be using a Z84 sub-machine gun along with a MG special.

They’re also equipped with claymores-Remote Detonation Explosives, and they can replenish other team-mates armor as well. The medics can heal themselves and their teammates, and other fallen comrades as well. The primary healer who can offer offensive support using a Shotgun.


You will have some new challenges to attempt, and can work together with the others to go up against your rivals, the Blackwood private military. You are encouraged to work together, teaming up to help one another out.

It offers a variety of PVP modes so that you can fight each other in matches that are team based, using as many as eight players.

The free for all is where each man will stand alone, but every other one has to be eliminated. You earn points from each kill, scores are added as you get another kill, and whoever has the high score when the fighting is finish will be the winner.

Plant The Bomb is where one team will have the responsibility of getting a bomb planted on the enemies base, and another team will either defuse it, or eliminate the enemy altogether.


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Team Deathmatch is where another team sits in to watch the fighting teams back, it gives you more opportunity to use your strategies, and other tactics to overpower your enemies.

Destruction is when two teams compete against one another for control. If you succeed you will call down airstrikes on the enemies locations. After succeeding in three airstrikes your team wins.

Storm is agame of capturing using strategy. One team will be the attackers, while the others are the defenders working to keep control of the three key points on your map.

Warface is free to play.

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