Wings! Remastered Edition

6.1 Overall Score
Gameplay: 5/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 5/10

Great music and atmosphere | Nostalgic | Fun gameplay

It can get repetitive | There are only 3 missions | Clunky controls | Historically inaccurate

In this terrific war game there will be a role for you as a combat pilot, serving in World War I. It will be taking you deep into the life of the pilot that you’re playing the role of, while letting you experience what combat fighting in World War I was all about.

You are playing the role of a pilot that was a part of the 56th Squadron, which means you are going to re-live all the horrors, and enjoy all the glory, and strive to survive until the war is over. You will be flying high in the sky bombing your enemy installations, and taking out the enemies supply lines where ever you can find them. You will be experiencing a lot of different things throughout your time here.


You are going to go deep into the dramatic World War I story, from a perspective view point, you’ll be watching yourself as you endure the glory of combat piloting. You will get to experience the bombings, dogfights, and strafe of the enemies, in various missions you’ll have to carry out. You will have to battle through more than 230 missions throughout the gameplay. All of the missions were actual events that occurred between 1916 and 1918.

There will be music for your enjoyment. It will consist of a soundtrack of orchestral, by Music Productions Leading Team, who professionally makes music themes, and backgrounds for video games.

This will be played out in the same matter as an arcade War Flight Simulator. It offers three different types of missions: Strafing, Sorties, and Bombing Runs. Each enjoyable, and each will have a different way to go about playing.


Some missions will send you to the skies over France to patrol. It could be to search for enemy aircraft, or it might be just to shoot down balloons that are for observations. Then, there’s always the escort missions which is for the Allied bombers.

Your job is to see to it the enemies are the one’s crashing to the ground. When you are in the skies over Germany it will be only you and the other pilots against the Germans. This is why it is important to learn how to read the head movements of the pilots, it can be what saves you life.

If the pilot looks to the right, it means there’s an enemy to the right of you. If the pilot looks to the left, an enemy is to the left of you, and if the other pilot is looking down it means the enemy is under you, get the picture?


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Strafing is when the view is isometric in the dogfights. Strafing consist of being able to hit certain targets dead on. It is vital that the primary targets are hit, and if you hit the secondary targets it would be a plus.

If missions are completed as requested, you will eventually get the attention of the Commanding Officer, which means a promotion. That’s where your service records come in handy, they will be kept for you to view your progress throughout the lingering of the war.

One of the new features allows the targeting reticule to be turned on and off, but you’re going to always have challenges to face. The main challenge will be getting through the war alive!

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