Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

7.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Great FPS mechanics | Large array of weapons

Repetitive gameplay | Short campaign

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is a prequel to the critically acclaimed action-adventure shooter, Wolfenstein: The New Order. The adventure spans eight chapters and two interconnected stories. It is 1946 and the Nazis are about to win World War II. B.J. Blazkowicz must embark on an epic, two part mission deep within Bavaria in an effort to turn the tide to the allies favor.

In part one, Rudi Jager and the Den of Wolves, Blazkowicz goes up against a maniacal prison warden as he breaks into castle Wolfenstein in an attempt to steel the coordinates to General Deathshead’s compound. Part two is appropriately titled The Dark Secrets of Helga Von Schabbs. In this second part our hero is lead to the city of Wulfburg where an obsessed Nazi archeologist is exhuming mysterious artifacts that threaten to unleash dark, ancient powers.


Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is a thrilling action adventure story set deep in intense first-person combat. As B.J. Blazkowicz, arm yourself with the newest weapons, such as the bolt-action rifle and grenade-launching Kampfpistole. Take advantage of duel-wielding pipes that can be used for wall climbing, or even for the vicious take downs of never-before-seen Nazi adversaries. You must do everything in your power to thwart the advancing Nazi war machine.

Experience intense first-person action combat as you brandish all new Nazi inspired weapons including the bolt-action rifle, the 1946 shotgun, and the grenade-launching Kampfpistole. Use dual-wielding metal pipes to navigate the Nazi world as you explore the brand new wall-climbing abilities. Explore rural German towns, ghostly catacombs, and return to the iconic Castle Wolfenstein.


Wolfenstein: The Old Blood takes place before the events of The New Order. Your orders are simple. Kill Nazis, dogs, robots, and even zombies – pretty much anything that comes at you. You will start with a pair of metal pipes that can be used to climb walls, open hatches, and wedges doors open. In particular, you’ll want to use them as a melee weapon. As the game progresses, you have a variety of weapons to choose from. Feel the power as you utilize two heavy machine guns to plow through your enemies simultaneously.

In this fun blend of retro and modern inspired graphics, you’ll play mini-levels found throughout the campaigns. The mini-levels come in the form of dream sequences. Enjoy each action packed fight, with your character model’s hand in the updated graphics. This exhilarating shooter game is set in the original Nazi killing timeline.


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Whether you played the first release or not, you’ll love playing this game. It is a completely immersive, action-adventure shooter game where you get to take out the ultimate enemy, Nazi! The stealth mechanics are awesome and the graphics are spot on. The old blood has been injected with new blood, nostalgia aside.

The weapons are fantastic and the sounds are a perfect match. With a progression system of points and medals, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood gives you plenty of frenzied shooting fun. Test your combat action skills, your aim, and progression under covert tactical operations. Have fun, blow some things up, and take out as many Nazis as you can!

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