World in Conflict

9.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10

Great presentation and exciting gameplay

Short campaign

World of Conflict: A Must to Check Out

What if the Soviet Union had not collapsed? What if, instead, the Soviet Union takes on NATO and the Soviet Union launches an attack on the United States?

You are the commander in this conflict, controlling the most advanced, powerful technology available within the world.

Global Media used a unique design and universal appeal to create World In Conflict, making this game the most critically acclaimed game in 2007.  This game has received the Best Strategy Award and Editor’s Choice from the top reviewers worldwide.

World 1

The Game

This critically acclaimed game shows you exactly what would have happened had the Cold War erupted into World War III.  Within the first game, you would play on the side of the United States, defending your homeland. Now with the new single player option, you can choose either side.  As Leader of the Soviet Army you will attempt to turn the free world into communism!  As defender of freedom, you will do whatever it takes to bring down the Soviets and end their rein of terror.

With new upgrades added to this Award winning game, this edition will you keep you on your toes and totally immersed within the game.

Game Features

World 7

The Strategy of War

Master your units by understanding their strengths and weaknesses. Learn how to use their individual specialties to defeat your enemy. Take part in solo missions, consisting of 20 adrenaline packed conflicts that will take you to the US, Europe, the Soviet Union and back again.

You may also participate in 15 multiplayer matches with other players on LAN or over the Internet.  Choose your side and start building your power.  There are four different roles to choose from:

  • Infantry
  • Air
  • Support
  • Armor

World 11

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Graphic Technology

This game is powered by Mass Tech engines.  World in Conflict offers the very best technology and gives you amazing environments. Added to that, you will experience highly detailed units and stunning special effects.


This is a powerful game that will allow you to destroy just about anything on the ground including cars, buildings, bridges, trees, etc.  Outside of the destructive impulses, there are formidable strategy options that should be taken to heart, if you want to come out the winner.

If you like high action, war games you will want to come on over and check out World In Conflict.

World in Conflict is free to play.

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