World War 2: Time of Wrath

8.1 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Good combat features | Historically enlightening

No manual available | Poor tutorial

World War 2: Time of Wrath is a grand piece is strategic wargaming for every fan of the World War II era. This ideal turn-based strategy game not only pits countries against each other, but also three major ideologies of the time. Democracy, fascism, and communism compete in this concept of grand execution.

This game has three campaigns. One starts in September 1939, one in May 1940, and June 1941. You must occupy every city in a country before it surrenders. Overrunning countries yields the necessary production points to invest in new technology or to triumph over opposing ideologies.


The rules of the game are easy and the deep historical setting gives grand detail to the gameplay. This game is completely moddable giving it the potential for hundreds of hours of unrepeated gameplay. The land and air combat also work cleverly. When a unit is selected, an action panel appears showing its options. If the necessary conditions are met, the unit can be reinforced, enlarged, or improved. Land movements are limited by terrain and weather-action point cost. If more than one friendly unit is adjacent to a target, they can attack together.

Air units are divided into fighter, tactical, and strategic bombers. The first two types can both fly recon missions, but fighters intercept hostile air strikes automatically and can destroy air power on the ground. Tactical bombers hit land units within their range hard enough to destroy weakened units. Strategic bombers pummel cities and disrupt production.


The ability to attack, move, and attack again in any combination adds a fascinating dimension to the combat. Production points can also be used to move units strategically and by sea. Eligible paratroops and amphibious troops will land in highlighted hexes. Commanders can also be attached and exercise their skills to friendly units within three hexes.

In World War 2: Time of Wrath, naval war occurs after land operations. You will shift naval groups from ports to sea zones, set convoy routes, and designate fleets as regular or raider. While you will have to spend production points on repair, you will have the ability to bombard shore targets.


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Enjoy over 20,000 land hexes in more than thirty countries. You can play as any nation and as any combination of countries. A simplified economic system allows you to focus on military operations. The logistics system controls the supply level of all units. Join the technological race for control over the Atomic Bomb. The improved artificial intelligence performs better at the strategic and tactical levels. Historical commanders boost commanded units and you have the power to create modern or obsolete units.

The maps zoom in and out smoothly and the graphics are customized for major country units. Enjoy a fully detailed, historical order of battle in all scenarios. The music is fitting and aids in the immersion of the game. Hot-seat and PBEM capabilities make World War 2: Time of Wrath available and fun for everyone to play. The borders even edit together with easy access to game data files so you can change and set up your own scenarios. You will love this new twist on an old classic. This game is a must-have for any history buff or turn-based strategy enthusiast.

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